The winter season unveils several challenges. The weather gets colder and icier, and in some places, snow gets piled up. However, those are not the only issues you can face. Plumbing issues are evident during colder months or the winter season. Your plumbing appliances might also not work well when the temperature drops below freezing point. 

Here are some of the common winter plumbing issues and how to fix them:

Frozen Pipes
The most common plumbing issue during the winter season is frozen pipes. When the weather is cold, the frozen water from the pipes can burst. One solution to this problem is dripping your faucets when the temperature drops. You can also keep your cabinets open to allow heat to escape from your pipes.

However, you can always keep your pipes from freezing by covering them with insulation. You can also avoid any rapid changes in your home’s atmosphere by keeping the thermostat consistent since stable temperatures will assist in maintaining your pipes clear of ice.

Clogged Drains
The winter season is also Christmas time – where joy is abundant, and tables are filled with lots of food. Avoid dumping any grease and other food particles down the sink, as this may cling to the insides of the pipes and accumulate, resulting in a clogged drain. Ensure to put all your food wastes in the trash can instead.  

Broken Water Heaters
A water heater Punta Gorda, FL is useful all year, but it is especially beneficial during the winter because it heats your water. Still, in time your water heater may experience its fair share of wear and tear. 

Additionally, incorrectly doing the water heater installation Punta Gorda,FL can be dangerous and lead to many issues, such as floods and fire outbreaks. If your water heater isn’t reaching the temperature you’ve set, it’s ideal to call a plumber or get a replacement. 

Waterline break

Waterline leaks can occur at any time of year, although they are more likely to occur during winter. If the temperature suddenly drops, the water line is more prone to breaking and causing ice blockage in your pipes. This obstruction can cause pressure buildup, eventually leading to a leak or a breakage in your plumbing systems.

To keep your plumbing system working smoothly, use shut-off valves within your home. A professional plumber can assist you with installing the valves and determining the best location for them. Disconnect and drain any exterior water hoses before the temperature drops below zero at night.

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