There are commonly two sources through which energy can be generated – one of them is Renewable sources and another one is Non-renewable sources of energy. While the Non-renewable sources of energy include Fossil fuels which are Finite as far as their availability is concerned. Whereas the Renewable sources of energy include wind, sunlight which is infinite.

Now considering fossil fuels, which is a conventional energy source while the electricity demand has been increasing ever since and fossil fuel which is a finite resource of energy harms the environment.

On the other hand, considering sunlight and wind which are infinite sources of energy generated that does not cause any harm to the environment. Using wind mill benefits a lot if compared with the conventional sources of energy. Below given are few points which can make you understand why solar energy is better than any other conventional energy sources –

– About renewable sources of energy, the government should start setting some targets beyond which it should not be used because of the reasons that it will affect climate change. But if looked on the positive side, amongst the total energy generated through renewable sources comprise of a larger part if compared.

– With the increase in population, energy requirements are also increasing. To fulfil the demands a resource that is already scarce should not be used for energy generation.

– Non-renewable sources of energy are mainly fossil fuels and petroleum. Both of them has a greenhouse gas effect and the only way to reduce is by decarbonisation of the fossil fuel.

– The renewable sources of energy are still in the development stage as far as the tech work is concerned. But a lot has improved since 2010. Solar for your house has been installed at almost every other household.

– The most common way of how renewable sources of energy are used is through sunlight. Solar panels are widely installed at different places for the generation of electricity.

Final Overview

Non-renewable sources of energy cannot be eradicated immediately but what can happen is the integration of both the sources of energy which will ultimately prevent the environment from damaging.