A carpet might be an interesting part of your home decoration, but we consider it more as a primary component in a house. Whether you live in a villa or a small apartment, you need that soft cushion of carpet under your feet. Whether you are a single person living in a condo or have three to four kids and five pets in your huge bungalow, you just can’t sustain without the comfort of a carpet in each room of the house. So, when carpet is so important, you should be aware of the different types of with that you could consider and include in your home decoration. And if you require some knowledge and this, then this post is just for you.

  • Tufted carpet – A tufted carpet is a fabulous choice for the ones with active lifestyle and big families. These are perfectly suitable on all kinds of backdrops and match almost all home decor types and themes. Also, if you are looking for an in budget option for your flooring, tufted carpet is a perfect choice for you. Not just this, it can be the most attractive flooring option that you could get your hands on an also stays longer than most of the other carpets.
  • Nylon carpet – Another option that you can pick for your home decor is a nylon carpet. As the name suggests, it is entirely made-up of nylon material that is why stays very budget friendly option for most homeowners. Also, it comes in attractive patterns and designs which suit almost all home interior decorations. You can opt for the nylon carpet if you consider your flooring as a not so luxurious layer on the ground as it comes in a very thin covering compared to other carpets.  By giving a strong resistance against mould, mildew and other insects it stays on your floors for about a decade and more.
  • Olefin carpets – When we’re talking about carpets, how can we forget the recent type of it that is preferred by most homeowners. The Olefin carpets are similar to nylon carpets, but these are more like woollen ones and tend to be a bit more expensive than the latter. They are perfectly fine for you even if you own pets and have children at home and are comparatively easy to clean as compared to nylon ones.
  • Polyester carpets – The one carpet  that you see in most of the homes is a polyester carpet. It is a pretty low in budget option and very less durable than all the other types of carpets available. Though, it can be available in lots of colours and variants and look attractive in your home, but you should remember that polyester is very vulnerable to damage and stains. It also get destroyed under weight of the furniture that is why you should prefer it only if you want a layer of carpet in the area of the house where you hardly have any furniture or not a lot of entertainment of guests.

These are some of the most common types of carpets available in the market. Now, as per your lifestyle, you can choose from these above or consider the luxurious ones available in their stores for your home.