From the very childhood, you must have heard that granite is one of the strongest stones known to man. Therefore, it might make you think that you could do just about anything over it without damaging the material. However, that might be far from the truth. Yes, granite is definitely tougher than your nail, but that does not mean you do not need to take care of it. 

You spend a fortune on your granite countertops, and you want them to last for many years. For that to happen, you must take careful measures. There are certain things that a person might do unintentionally and hurt their investment. To shop for the best material, you may consider looking at Casa Granite countertops

Keep these things off your granite counter. 

  • Harsh cleaners. 

If you have a granite counter, you would want to keep it clean. However, buying cleaners with harsh chemicals at the local store is not the solution. Even though your granite may appear cleaner, the chemicals in it are actually destroying your investment. Bleach should not be used to clean any countertops as it can cause staining and ruin the sealant. 

Most people prefer making cleaning solutions at home, such as mixing vinegar and lemon with water. But you should not be using anything that contains ammonia. Instead, the best way to clean granite countertops is with warm water and a soft sponge. Soak the sponge in warm water and wipe the countertop to remove any dirt. 

  • Raw meat. 

Granite is porous, and the little holes in the stone allow bacteria to sit and develop diseases. While you can protect your kitchen countertop from becoming a bacteria breeding ground by sealing it, you do not want to take a risk when it comes to salmonella. The meat won’t hurt your granite, but it might leave behind residue which may get mixed with other food items. 

You may consider cleaning the countertop after working with raw meat, but frequent use of harsh cleaners is not appropriate for granite. It may possibly discolor the granite as well. 

  • Highly pigmented liquids. 

For people with granite countertops, perhaps their biggest enemies are highly pigmented liquids. Granite is strong but vulnerable to stains, which can be a pain to remove. Granite is naturally porous, and stains can happen if you are not careful. This is why it is recommended to get a sealant, but even then, you should avoid working with pigmented items.