With winter coming, many businesses–especially small businesses and family-run stores– see a slowdown in foot traffic and clientele. Contrary to popular belief, there are several ways to draw customers’ attention to your place of business before they even have the chance to step into the building itself! Exterior design is an underutilized marketing tool with surprising results if utilized correctly. Here are some unexpected tricks to keep clients wandering in all year long.

High Tech

Even if you don’t have the most up-to-date security system or flashy display screens, having a high-tech, sleek look to your building will draw customers in the door from the streets to check out what is inside the classy building that looks so modern. A great multi-purpose way to achieve a high-tech look is to install energy-saving solar panels. Not only do they add a contemporary feel to your commercial building, but they can help save on energy costs. Hiring professionals like Honey Bee Painting Company–a roofing contractor in Fort Worth, TX, specializing in high-tech equipment like solar panels–can give your business the update you’re looking for.

Stand Out Colors

An unconventional way to stand out against the crowd is to consider a splash of color in your exterior decorating. Whether you elect to go with a bright banner, floral arrangements by the front door, or coordinating siding and roof colors, taking a step away from the rest and marking yourself as unique with bright contrasting colors is a surefire way to catch the attention of the whole neighborhood. With the flexibility of working on multi-family or commercial-use buildings, there is no idea that Honey Bee Roofing can’t help bring to life.


Collaboration is a significant advantage when it comes to drawing local interest. If you have any work done by a local company–say you got your roof repaired after a bad storm by Honey Bee Roofing– and you let the neighborhood know that the company did work for you, their clients may be more likely to use your services and vice versa if a line of trust is built there. One of the best ways to collaborate with local businesses is to have a flyer board encouraging others in your area to add to it! Whether for a fundraiser, 5K, bake sale, or just a colorful year-end sale reminder, community bulletin boards are a fun way to encourage other businesses to reach out to one another and share and grow their clientele list. You would be surprised how much overlap there might be!

Although advertising is an excellent way to draw in clientele, it is not the only effective way. There are many unique ways that you can boost your business that you may not have thought to give a try–many of which involve other local businesses. With years of professional experience, Honey Bee Roofing can not only help you give your business a new look, but it can also help bring in new customers in the most unexpected of ways.