Are you looking for the best cement to construct your building? Just like bricks are the construction blocks of any house, cement is the bonding agent that sets everything together. Without cement, modern construction is nearly impossible. Different construction jobs require different cement varieties. They use various concrete weight calculators to select the best kind of cement. You may custom the best cement to provide a desired results when building your dream house. The following elements are the ones you should consider while looking for the best cement for construction:

Cement Grade                   

Cement grades depict the compression strength of Ordinary Portland Cement. A higher cement grade implies higher contraction strength. A higher compression strength increases the ability of the structure to withstand more weight and tackle an erosion. OPC is discovered in three grades- 33 Grade, 43 Grade, and 53 Grade. However, for long-lasting buildings, composite cement variants such as Portland Slag Cement (PSC), Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), and Composite Cement (CC). It should be preferred as it offers increased durability and resistance to different elements affecting construction quality. Good cement manufacturers provide the same quality as OPC in their blended cement. It ignores the grades on blended cement varieties since they operate on various parameters compared to OPC. There are types of cement that compress with other qualities.

  • OPC: OPC stands for Ordinary Portland Cement. It is a traditional choice for construction in India. This cement has an early set time, is relatively costlier, and is less environment-friendly than other blended cement.


  • PPC: PPC stands for Portland Pozzolana Cement. It is environmentally friendly as compared to the other cement types. This cement will be preferred in the construction of buildings in harsh environmental conditions due to PPC properties contributes to concrete in preventing water seepage and damage.


  • PSC: PSC stands for Portland Slag Cement. It is a blended cement with a low tendency to crack due to its propensity to generate lower heat during hydration. This cement is most appropriate for buildings exposed to an aquatic environment.


  • Composite Cement: An optimum blend of high reactive silica and slag offers higher long-term recover and better workability. It is perfect for all building applications.


Check the Trademark, ISI Mark and Brand

Please check the cement bag for the Registered Trademark and ISI Mark. Always remember to buy the best quality cement from a reputed brand. Many good cement companies are maintaining their quality, brand, and trade. For assured quality, you may purchase your cement from a trusted cement dealer for an assured durability.


A company will provide good packaging that tends to have moisture-resistant and tamper-proof. These two things are the best choice to choose the quality of cement. In contrast, improper packaging might decay the cement and ruins the nature of quality. And so, check the package model to ensure the quality of the cement.

Final Thoughts

Cement is the primary part of model construction. They will use different types of cement to measure in a concrete weight calculatorIt may ease your work to pick the best cement for your requirements.