Scents have the power to transform the consciousness and energy of places. Its correct combination and application allow the stimulation of the senses and the rescue of affective memories. Incense and its essences based on herbs, roots and oils, bring spiritual elevation to environments, but as long as we learn how to use incense correctly.

The spiritual incense represents the element of air. Some cultures, symbolically, consider that its smoke can transport dreams and desires to the high heavens and free the soul. That’s why it’s important to set your goals in mind the moment it’s lit and its first burn is released.

Discover the Use of Incense over the Centuries

Its use has been observed for thousands of years, accompanying religious ceremonies and rituals of the main ancient civilizations. Some historical records point to its presence in the cult of ancient gods of Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations also passing through Sumer, Babylon and the Mayan and Aztec peoples.

It was indicated for the treatment of sick people, which is one of the origins of aromatherapy. The smoke served to link the individual to the other world. Therefore, it was widely used in funerals, rituals and ceremonies of a spiritual nature.

Buddhists and Hindus usually light it during meditations, in order to calm the mind and facilitate the disconnection of the ego. With a tradition of more than six thousand years, India is the largest producer of incense today and its quality is recognized worldwide. Among the customs of the country is the burning of incense in the elaboration of rites to the gods and to attract spiritual protection.

Learn How to Use Spiritual Incense Efficiently

Some people use incense just to perfume the house or to identify with a specific smell. It can be used that way, but it is possible to use the habit to improve material, physical and spiritual issues. Find out more about these advantages and objectives below.

Calm the Mind

Its scent can calm and bring a relaxing effect to those who use it. It is ideal to facilitate the meditation process and as a complement to the practice of yoga.

Balancing the energies of the environment

The correct use of fragrances can remove denser and negative energies from the environment and channel peace. It can be used anywhere in the home or office.

Attract Good Thoughts

Some natural therapists recommend incense to treat psychological issues like fear, anxiety, phobias and insecurities. Stimulating the senses during the burn helps to bring more inspiration, renew strength and encourage positive thinking.

Arouse Emotions

Stimulation of the senses is capable of bringing feelings to the surface and rekindling memories, whether good or bad. As happens when listening to certain music, the exhalation of aromas promotes new sensations. As a result, many burn incense to awaken creativity, love, and gratitude, among others.

Develop Spirituality

There are biblical accounts that point to the use of frankincense, including when the magi offered myrrh to present the birth of Jesus. The resource is used to this day in some Jewish synagogues. Regardless of religion, it is common to keep the censer near a small altar or prayer corner. Using it during spiritual practices helps promote well-being, harmony and success.