Maui is one of the islands that make up Hawaii, complexes of American islands on the west side of the continent – in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. You can choose to visit several islands, but if you do not have much time, you must visit Maui. Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii at 1,883 km 2. Maui is also very close to the top of an underwater, crescent-shaped volcano, the island of Molokini. On Maui, you can enjoy several different beaches, each with its own peculiarity.

You can get to know all the beautiful beaches

NORTH – Paia, Haiku and Jaws – ideal for those who want to surf, but do not have the comfort and convenience for someone to wait for surfers, that is, if your company does not surf, go alone for this program. Ah, to rent boards, only in Paia, so go there first.

EAST – HANA – it is remarkable and well known for its beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean!

WEST – Lahaina – is not ideal for bathers, as it has the boats area, but it is a perfect beach for those who want to spend the day doing typical shopping and visiting bars and restaurants.

SOUTH – Kihei, Waialua, and molokini – without a doubt are the best beaches for bathers and lovers of water sports without waves, such as stand up, snorkeling, kayaking. It is where you can find giant fish and turtles swimming alongside you. 

Local transport

There are no taxis on the island, so if you do not have an organized group with transfers, be sure to rent a car to enjoy the island. It is cheap to rent and easy to drive on the island. Just be careful: if you rent a jeep with a removable top (a great option), do not park on the beaches with your belongings in your car. The smart locals who keep an eye on tourists open the tops and take it all.

Tours to do

Climb the Haleakala volcano and watch the sunrise – Take your car, the map. Take food, blankets and flashlights (the hotel lends it). Oh, also bring your credit card to pay the entrance to the park (they only accept credit cards). Leave your hotel no later than 3 am. It will take you just over an hour to climb the 3,000 meters of Haleakala, but you will arrive early enough to grab a great parking spot and watch the sunrise spectacle. In addition to the covers, go much protected against the cold, as it is about zero degrees up there.

Trail in the eastern waterfalls is an excellent program for those with the most adventurous spirit. There are three beautiful and icy waterfalls, over 3 km. The idea is to hire a guide for whom you can walk the rustic path safely.

Catamaran and Sunset Tour on the rooftop of Fleet woods in Lahaina is a beautiful walk through the pacific with the right to see the big and orange sunset. Visit the beach in front of the Molokini volcano and see its crater still open. It is also surreal to see the beach all black, the result of lava from the last eruption of Molokini.

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