You may not realize this, but even tiny faucet leaks can result in wasting hundreds if not thousands of gallons of water each year! This is why it’s so important to make sure that all of your home’s faucets are functioning properly.

We’ve partnered up with the plumbing specialists at Beehive Plumbing to develop this list oriented around common warning signs that you may need a shower faucet repair, so take it from the industry experts in that this is what you should look out for when taking care of your shower faucets!

Water Damage or Dripping

If you can notice that your shower faucet is dripping on a consistent basis, then it’s a sign that your valves are malfunctioning or you have really high water pressure within your pipes. So either way, you’re showing signs that you need a professional plumber to come check things out.

Water damage from dripping in and around your shower faucet is something that you should regularly be on the lookout for as well, because this can lead to much more serious repairs beyond your plumbing system!

Damaged Shower Faucet Components

It’s possible that something like your shower faucet’s handle isn’t working properly anymore. When these types of components become faulty, it’s a clear sign that you should get a repair or replacement faucet as soon as you can.

Spitting Shower Faucets

If your shower faucet isn’t producing steady streams of water, then you’re likely experiencing something wrong within aerator or other component of the showerhead.

Strange Sounds

Although shower faucets can normally produce many different sounds, certain sounds should be taken as a red flag that something is wrong. Screeching sounds are a common example of an abnormal sound that means trouble, it likely means that you need to replace some washers or even get a new showerhead.

Clicking and clanking sounds are also troubling sounds that you should take seriously, because it could mean that there are cracks within your faucet or that your shower is experiencing mineral buildup.

Mineral & Rust Deposits

Mineral and rust deposits are very common when it comes to shower faucet damage, so noticing any visible signs of this type of buildup is always something that you should take very seriously. Rust and mineral buildup can be detrimental to your entire shower’s functionality, and it may be a sign that you need to repair or even replace your showerhead.

Although there are some easy DIY tricks for this type of issue, you’re more than likely much better off hiring a specialist to come check things out

Squeaky Handle

If your shower handle is making squeaking sounds, it could actually be connected to your shower faucet’s stem being worn down. This isn’t always the most complicated repair, but it still requires professional attention.

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A lot of people neglect their shower faucets thinking that they’ll last forever without any hassles or upkeep, but this is of course a mistake that can lead to all sorts of plumbing problems in your bathroom. Taking care of your shower faucets is crucial for your shower’s overall functionality, and you can learn more about shower faucet repair by speaking directly with the specialists at Beehive Plumbing via the link at the top of the page!