Starting a Bathroom renovation project brings its share of stress. Choosing the contractor who will be able to do the job according to your requirements and your criteria in addition to being honest is not an easy task. Here are some tips to equip you well. Calling the Bathroom Remodeling Contractors can be the best choices there.

Check the Skills of Contractors Found

Your neighbor has retained the services of a contractor for the renovation of his bathroom and he appreciated his work? Has your cousin found the rare pearl for her basement renovation project? By asking for references from those around you, it is easier to find a reputable renovation contractor. Check if he holds a license. The site allows you to search the register. If it’s more of an itinerant merchant knocking on your door to offer you his services, also ask to see his license issued.

Increase Your Options

In order to properly compare costs and contractors, both in terms of materials and work, it is strongly recommended to obtain a minimum of three quotes from qualified renovation contractors. Your choice will be more informed, according to your criteria and your schedule. When meeting with each of them, take the time to learn more about their experience and accomplishments. Is it the contractor himself who will carry out your entire renovation project or does he hire subcontractors? What are the payment terms? Who takes care of obtaining the appropriate permits from the municipality? Have the contractor draft the bid to freeze the unequivocal conditions.

Ask For a Written Contract

Just like submission, words fly away, writings stay, and without a contract, the money can quickly disappear. As a customer, you are entitled to demand a written contract, on which the full business address of the entrepreneur is indicated and not only a telephone number. Ask the contractor about their liability insurance, whether they have any. You will thus be better protected if damage were caused to your home, to that of a neighbor, or to someone who is the victim of an accident. By writing it on the contract, your protection will be greatly improved.

Put Down A Deposit or Not

Some contractors will require a deposit when signing the contract. If this contractor is really your favorite of all those you met, you can agree to this request, taking care to indicate the amount paid for the contract. A reasonable deposit is between 10% and 20% of the total amount of the contract. Never pay the full amount before all the work is done.


Reading a contract is not necessarily the most interesting reading, but in the case of a renovation project, with the amount of money involved, taking about ten minutes to analyze the many details therein represents a profitable investment.

Obtain Several Quotes Before Work

It is essential to obtain a price estimate before starting your work, if only to precisely define the budget necessary to carry out your renovation. Ideally try to get several quotes for your bathroom renovation and compare them. This will also allow you to assess market prices and obtain valuable advice from specialized contractors.