Marble is a beautiful and durable material to incorporate into your kitchen countertops. However, even though they are durable in various aspects, not sealing them can interfere with their longevity. Marble can deteriorate due to the damage caused by everyday kitchen use. This is where sealers come in. 

Sealing your comptoir de granit Granite au Sommet can do more than you may think. If you have not yet applied sealer, it is time you learn about its benefits and decide. 

Benefits of sealing your marble countertops 

  • It prevents stains. 

Since marble is a porous material, any liquid spills or leaks can easily get absorbed by the stone and stain it. This also contributes to the accumulation of bacteria and germs and becomes a breeding ground for diseases. Sealings can prevent this. Because of sealings, liquids and other things cannot make their way inside the stone and ruin your investment. 

  • It helps preserve the stone. 

Preservation of natural stones is important, but it is not a very easy task. Marble is a luxury stone, and luxury is never low maintenance. There is no better way to preserve the countertop than sealing it. 

Sealer protects the surface from dust and dirt and prevents it from becoming dull. Contaminants like water and oil can seep through and ruin the stone. Sealing can help prevent this. 

  • Offers slip resistance. 

Even though this blog is about marble countertops, knowing this piece of fact can help you make a decision. If you consider getting marbles for your flooring, sealings can help make the surface anti-slip or anti-fall. This will ensure your and your family’s protection from injuries arising from falls. Sealants contain chemicals that create gentle traction. This is an excellent choice for areas with heavy traffic. 

  • Reduce etching. 

A kitchen countertop goes through a lot throughout the day. Since you use so many ingredients in a day and prepare meals several times throughout the day, it is easy to stain the surface and damage it. 

Acidic substances like lemon juices and cleaning agents may spill on the counter and create a dull appearance. That is why it is recommended to apply sealer, and even with sealing, you should wipe the surface immediately after spills. 

  • Easy cleaning. 

The cleaning process becomes especially easier after covering the surface with sealing. You can easily wipe away dirt, dust, spills, crumbs, and grease with a piece of cloth by spraying some cleaning agents. You won’t have to do any hard physical work and invest a lot of time in cleaning.