The foundation and basement of a house can be hugely affected by poor drainage systems and convey other severe issues as well. If there’s water spreading against the exterior walls of your building, it can seep beneath the surface, leading to a humungous crack or bow the foundation walls as well. It also causes settling and erosion by entering the crawlspace or basement. In that case, calling out for help from the home foundation company San Antonio for renovation and restoration is the ideal choice!

What Is The Finest Time To Inspect The Home Foundation?

Interestingly, the best and ideal time for a quick inspection of the home foundation area and drainage system is during the monsoon or heavy rainfall season. What you can do is check the basement carefully to notice if water is collecting on the stairs, walks, patios or driveways.

As per the right drainage system, the water must be running from the home area; and not towards the exterior wall section. Therefore, you can check to see if water is spreading against the basement walls. Also, pay careful attention to clinch if water is spreading against foundation wall cracks. Further, inspect carefully to see are the downspouts installed precisely or discharging away from the exterior of the home? If you find any damage or faulty installation or drainage system, connect to your nearest foundation company San Antonio to step out the water problem from your home.

When To Determine You Require Professional Foundation Repair?

If you notice the following three signs, your home foundation possibly needs advanced-level foundation repair in your immediate future:

  • Uneven & Slopping Floors

You should have a walk around your house to see if there is any spot where your floor feels uneven or slopes. To observe hard-to-see ups & downs, you can use a simple ball and roll it around. Also, walk outside of the house, i.e, around the basement and foundation to see if your home shows signs of a slope.

  • Trouble Closing/Opening Doors & Windows 

It is usually a very common thing to identify. If you find your doors or windows hard to shut or open, it probably requires foundation repair. However, with many dependencies on the air conditioning system, the closing and opening of doors and windows do not happen often. So, take some spare time and identify the issues to know if something is really off.

  • Apparent Cracks

Water slopping or leakage or cracks are often considered “not a big deal.” And later, it brings something unexplainable, including odd noises in your home. Some damages can cause by a bit of home consoling on the ground beneath it. Yet, you may want to ensure the length and width of the cracks precisely. If you notice a crack mark of 1/4″ – that’s an issue with the foundation and needs a quick response.

Wrapping Up:

Advanced level repair is nothing you have to face in the early phase of you being a homeowner. However, if you find any of these signs in your home, contact a foundation company San Antonio to get a quick repair at a more reasonable price.