On any major construction project, you’ll find that compaction is one of the first major steps to be undertaken. Removing air pockets is a vital part of the preparation of the land to be used, as it provides stable soil, a much better load-bearing capacity, as well as helping with water seepage, lower soil shrinkage, settling, and contraction. It is important that you get this phase spot on and to do so you require use of the best equipment. A plant leasing company with expertise and a reputation to match will provide you with compaction rollers for hire, giving you the tools to perform to a high standard at this crucial early stage in proceedings.

A roller is the perfect piece of machinery to perform these tasks, used to compact and densify soil, sand, and other materials. This is often the first phase of any construction project, ensuring that the land is prepared correctly before any construction and building work takes place above ground. A roller compactor reduces the size of the soil or other materials that make up the ground. It does so by using hydraulics and static force to push down the materials. 

You’ll find that rollers are used to create these compacted foundations, whilst you’ll also see rollers used on roads too, where they compact and smooth a road surface. Compacting concrete, gravel, soil, asphalt, and other materials into a perfectly flat foundation is the necessary task that must be completed prior to the final surface being laid down in a precise fashion. Without the job of the roller, this latter phase would be difficult to achieve in a safe and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Generally, a roller is made up of a drum (which can be a smooth drum, a vibratory drum, or a static drum), with a compaction metre, water system, and protection for the driver present too. The beauty of a roller is that it is designed to significantly increase the load-bearing capacity of a surface, making them a vital part of the soil preparedness phase of a construction project, the crucial element before foundations can be built.

As the task of compaction is such an important part of the first phase of any construction project, it is vital that you make the right choice when it comes to plant hire companies you work with, the hiring of compactors and rollers to perform that task. Choosing a plant hire company is often more important than you might think to begin with. If you can work with a reputable plant leasing company with national coverage, great safety standards and the latest models of equipment and machinery, you have that solid base to work from, reliant on the plant hire company to furnish you with the correct equipment as and when you require it on site. This helps everything else to slot into place, consistent high standards all round as you work through the phases of the project.