Are you planning to buy a SPA pool? Well, there are many critical decisions you’ll need to make to ensure you acquire the best spa pool in NZ. First, you have to choose the most functional and comfortable seat layout for your needs. There are numerous options to choose from.

You can also customize your pool to suit your specific requirements. You only need to know precisely what you want. We have some tips to help you with that. Keep reading.

Acquiring The Best SPA Pool In NZ

SPA pools or hot tubs are fundamentally small pools or large tubs, which can be commercially or home-made. Usually, these pools are made of acrylic, wood, ceramic, or concrete. In comparison to that of an ordinary lawn pool, spa pools have heated water to help in massage, relaxation, and general hydrotherapy for medical reasons.

Historically, people have traveled distances in search of the best spa that nature offers. There are records showing how the Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks used to enjoy spas. For instance, in 600 BC, the Egyptian King Phaortes constructed a spa pool in Persia. The Romans constructed Thermae and Diocletian, which were the two most popular baths in Roman history. And the Greeks constructed their baths near volcanoes or hot springs.

Today, hot tubs are readily available and no one needs to leave their home to unwind in the hot and running water over their body. Hot water gives you great relaxation and it’s for that reason it’s worth getting yourself the best spa swimming pool.

Seat Options

There are a couple of spa pool seat options available. The standard seat option lets you sit in an upright position and that way, you enjoy a back massage as your seat. On the other hand, the lounge one enables you to sit in a reclined position by offering both leg and back support. In that position, you get both foot and back massage. The lounge seats usually take two times more space than the traditional seat option.

You can also opt to enjoy full relaxation in the company of your partner or a few close friends. In that case, a model with two lounge seats would be great. You can also decide to gather a party crowd and with that, a layout with several regular seats proves a good option.

Each seat in the spa pool should be perfect. The seats need to have a suitable depth to ensure that an adult sits relaxed and comfortably. Additionally, the seats have to be positioned at the best level. They ought to allow the water to cover an adult with a typical height up to their shoulders.

Leg Room

You should also ensure that your spa pool offers sufficient legroom to allow for maximum comfort and relaxation. Ensure that everyone sitting in the spa pool won’t need to step on each other’s feet while seated. You may want to invest in a model with generous legroom even if it’s slightly bigger and more expensive. That way, you’ll make sure that all users enjoy maximum comfort.

Specials and Add-Ons

Pay attention to the size, number, and types of the jets, which each seat comes with. That’s because they can vary significantly. Make sure that you meet all of your needs. You can also consider finding a model with seats that provided padded neck support. That extra feature will provide you with even greater comfort and help you relax better.

Last but not least, when choosing the spa pool layout, you must make sure that the seats will easily be accessible and you’ll easily access the items on the deck while seated.


Having a nice spa pool on your property can be a great source of comfort and relaxation. There are so many types of pools out there and you need to ensure you buy only the best spa pool in NZ. Be careful, do your homework well to find the most suitable pool for your needs.