Towel shopping is a delicate procedure. Sure, you want soft, fluffy towels, but what does gram count mean? How can you determine the difference between Turkish and Egyptian cotton or choose from such a wide range of colors and patterns? Take a moment to read our helpful instructions below before throwing in the towel. So that your search goes as smoothly as possible, we’ve collected everything you need to know about how to choose bath towel sets wholesale.

Which Cotton Should You Choose?

Cotton Towels are some of the most incredible bath towels set wholesale for most bathrooms since they are easy to obtain at reasonable rates.


Bamboo towels are an environmentally beneficial option because bamboo is a renewable resource. Bamboo is also mildew-resistant and antimicrobial by nature.

Cotton from Turkey

Turkish cotton threads are lengthy, like Egyptian cotton threads, making them soft and durable.

Because of the lengthy threads, the fabric can be woven tighter, making these towels more absorbent. Turkish cotton also has a gloss to it, which is attractive.

Cotton from Egypt

One of the most popular varieties of bath towels is Egyptian cotton towels. The lengthy strands of Egyptian cotton give more softness and durability than conventional cotton towels, making them feel more sumptuous for longer. Egyptian cotton towels are an excellent way to make your master or guest bathroom appear and feel luxurious.

Construction: Combed or Ringspun?

Combed cotton towels are created by searching the fibers to eliminate shorter threads and debris, leaving only the strongest and longest strands to weave into the bath towel.

This method ensures long-term wear and prevents wholesale pilling of the bath towel sets. Long and short fibers are twisted to make a smoother, finer yarn in ringspun cotton, whereas terry fabric is woven with wider thread loops and additional yarn in terry cloth. To prevent fraying, opt for towels with banded edges.

What Thread Count Should You Look For?

Cotton towels, like bed linens, have a thread count that determines their quality. When shopping for cotton bath towels, seek a count of 400 or higher. This will guarantee that the towel sets you buy online are thick enough to dry after a bath and durable enough to do the task. Most towels with a thread count of less than 300-400 are intended for use as kitchen, hand, or face towels. It’s also crucial to understand how the vendor calculated the thread count.

What Size Towel Should You Go For?

There are few sizes of bath towel sets wholesale available, each with its unique utilities. The regular bath towel is suitable for various drying tasks, including drying off after a shower, wrapping damp hair, and drying off children after bath time. A large hand towel will hang adequately and provide adequate drying space. Hand towels are slightly smaller than finger towels.

They’re perfect for tiny bathrooms and provide a nice touch to your decor. Washcloths help clear up small spills on the bathroom counter or wash your face over the sink. These miniature towels are the perfect size for cleansing your skin in the shower.

In Conclusion

Bath linens may improve your bathroom’s whole appearance and feel, from the comforting warmth of a clean bath towel to the subtle decorative touch of a well-placed hand towel. There are no towels like Linen Plus towels on the market. Choose from a variety of quality, ultra-soft, and highly absorbent bath towel sets wholesale that offer a genuinely relaxing bath time and simple laundry.