An oven constitutes several parts that work together to offer efficient performance and quick results for every meal. Regardless of how expensive and efficient functioning oven individual purchases, some or the other component of the appliance are prone to damage. In such a case, there is no need for an individual to discard the old oven and buy the new one. Instead, one can visit the appliance parts store and get the damaged oven part. This article specifies multiple parts of the oven that are available in the appliance parts outlets.

  • Broil Element 

The oven’s broil element is typically installed at the top of the oven cavity. It directly provides heat to the top of the food for broiling. If this element doesn’t turn on or there are any signs of visible damage, then it’s recommended to contact a professional service provider and consult him for more troubleshooting tips. If nothing works, get the broil element replaced with the new one.

  • Oven Rack

The oven rack is used to hold cookware and bakeware inside the appliance. An individual can move it up or down before cooking. If the oven rack is broken or uneven, it can prevent food from cooking properly. In such a case, one can visit the nearby appliance parts store and purchase the new oven rack.

  • Convection Fan 

An oven featuring a convection fan helps promote even cooking, with the fan circulating warm air around the cavity. The convection fan is usually located on the back wall of a convection oven, which is different from conventional ones. If a homeowner suspects the convection fan is not running or functioning properly, get it replaced.

  • Bake Element 

A bake element placed in the oven is the primary heat source for most oven functions. This part is installed at the oven’s bottom and is usually used for a self-cleaning feature in self-cleaning ovens. Contact a professional if the oven’s bake element doesn’t turn on like the broil elements. And if it’s impossible to repair the bake element, he will suggest replacing it.

  • Fan Blade

An oven having convection will have the fan blade as a part of the oven’s convection fan. The fan blade will help the convection fan create airflow throughout the oven. And if the fan blade doesn’t appear to function effectively when in convection mode, consult a professional for further diagnosis and repair or replacement.

  • Vent Tube

The heat and moisture are released by the oven through the vent tube at the top of the oven cavity. If the vent tube is not working properly, it can be replaced with the help of a professional.


If the oven is not functioning properly or displaying an error message repeatedly, it might be time to replace one or more damaged components. A homeowner can contact a professional for diagnosis, troubleshooting tips, and repairing or replacing non-working parts. The renowned appliance parts store will be equipped with all the necessary parts for all ovens and other appliances. Whenever looking for replacement parts, check their features, guarantee or warranty, compare prices, and get the ones with the best features and affordable price.