When you need a plumber, you make an important decision affecting your home’s well-being. Repairs must address issues that might become serious over time, and maintenance must be regular to prevent problems.

Homeowners understand the importance of using a plumbing company but may think each company providing these services is the same. This is a costly mistake. Choosing a better option for your needs makes a difference.

When you need a repair or routine maintenance with your plumbing, you want a plumbing company that provides the best service. Gray Plumbing Inc. offers the services you need to keep your plumbing in the best shape.

What Are the Services That the Best Plumbing Companies Provide?

Although plumbing companies take care of all kinds of repairs, some offer maintenance plans that prevent problems before they grow out of control. Some of the services included in these maintenance plans are:

Toilet Leak Detection

Dye tests are one of the most effective ways to determine whether you have a leaking toilet. When toilets leak, it often occurs slowly, and you might only notice once the leak has become substantial and caused damage. Stopping leaks before they get too bad keeps your bathroom sanitary and saves frustration.

Faucet Leak Detection

Dripping faucets are annoying but can become a bigger problem if left unchecked. Sometimes, the problem is a simple leak, but it might be more serious. Having a plumbing company check out your faucets can help you get the problem fixed the first time.

Sink Piping Checks

Kitchen sinks must have piping in good repair, especially when garbage disposals are present. Leaks and clogs are some of the issues that are sometimes present in faulty pipes. Inspecting your kitchen piping regularly might prevent you from requiring a significant repair because of a severe leak.

Fixture Drain Checks

Although badly blocked or clogged drains have obvious signs like slow draining or wastewater pooling, less serious clogs may have more subtle signs. Foul odors and gurgling sounds are common in this situation. Having your drains checked as part of annual maintenance is an effective way to prevent these issues.

Water Heater Checks

Maintenance of your water heater extends its longevity and prevents costly leaks. Flushing the tank is integral to the maintenance process that removes mineral and sediment buildup. This process also includes checking for corrosion and ensuring the components function correctly.

What Else Should You Look For?

Flat-rate pricing is a good option for many customers concerned about the cost of a plumbing job. When companies offer this type of pricing, it is a greater way of demonstrating transparency.

Financing options make a difference for emergencies and larger planned projects. Having a choice of financing options with different terms is a perfect solution for many properties.

The best plumbing companies offer a satisfaction guarantee, including a parts & labor guarantee, another significant benefit. Gray Plumbing Inc. offers maintenance, flat-rate pricing, financing, and satisfaction guarantees to provide the best service.


Finding the best plumbing company for your needs involves seeing what benefits set the company apart. Gray Plumbing has the benefits that many customers want. For more information, contact us.