Having artificial grass has become a growing trend among several homeowners. The attraction for artificial turf is due to the less water requirement, better drainage, stunning appearance, and minimal maintenance. The artificial turf looks great in both shaded and sunny areas. Your family members are not exposed to fertilizers, chemicals, and pesticides due to the use of artificial turf. But how much does an artificial turf cost? According to the experts, the cost for artificial grass installation lies between $2961 to $7792. The average cost on a national basis for artificial turf installation is $5358. The exact cost depends on various factors. Let’s look at some of them.


Factors to calculate artificial turf installation cost


1. Yard shape and size: The synthetic turf costs anything between $2 and $8 for every square foot, although it depends largely on the brand and type. Many stores sell this grass by linear foot or the roll. In some cases, it is possible to custom-cut the turf to the correct size.

2. Turf material: Artificial grass is created from polypropylene, polyethylene, or nylon. The cost of artificial grass also depends on the material you select. All these materials have unique qualities and features that cater to specific needs and locations.

3. Turf brand: The better-quality artificial turf allows homeowners, their families, and friends to enjoy their backyard. But there are many brands available for homeowners to select from at different price points and quality. 

4. Labor: The labor costs for artificial turf installation vary between $3 and $9 per square foot. It also depends on the kind of synthetic turf you are installing, the size, and the amount of preparation needed. Labor costs normally are more in densely populated urban areas than in rural places.

5. Location of installation: Before the installation of artificial grass, the area has to be prepared. If this location is tough to access or if the area requires extensive clearing, you will get higher labor costs. Sometimes people wish to get grass cover in unusual areas such as decks, patios, stairways, etc. This can increase the cost.

6. Blade shape: There are a range of blade shapes available that allow the grass to appear more realistic. These days you can get varying lengths of 2 to 4 inches to provide a natural appearance to the lawn.

7. Base material: For having an easy-draining artificial turf, the base material must be laid down before installing the grass. This base material costs between $0.30 to $0.80 per square foot, and then there is the landscaping fabric that costs the same as the base material.

8. Weed barrier: The weed barrier prevents the growth of natural weeds in artificial grass. The weed barrier roll normally covers close to 1500 feet and costs around $90. You might get the weed growth anyway, but the weed barrier reduces the growth significantly.

9. Irrigation: To ensure a correct water runoff, you will need to install decomposed granite or limestone chips. The decomposed granite costs anything between $0.30 and $0.70 per sq foot. You might even have to install a drainage system for the artificial grass. They cost in the region of $100 to $2000, depending on their type.


Budgeting for artificial turf can turn out to be daunting while installing artificial grass. You can save money by getting quotes, buying wholesale, buying scrap pieces at a discounted price, and doing some prep work yourself. If you are looking for artificial turf installation companies in Orlando, FL area, contact Artificial Turf Tampa for a quote.