When you are shopping for a shower head because it is clogged or broken. Before buying you have to get an idea of what kind of showerheads are available. And you can choose what style you like to have in your bathroom. First, you have to consider the showerhead flow rate and you will know its different types. The flow rate of the showerheads is the gallons per minute that it dispenses.

Types of showerheads


The fixed showerhead is attached to the shower arm that is attached to the wall. The same with other showerheads you can change it by unscrewing it and then screwing the new one. You have to hold the shower arm while you are unscrewing it to avoid getting it broken. The fixed shower heads have different features such as rain, water-saving, and massage.


It is connected to a long hose and it is in a cradle when you don’t like to hold it while you are showering. It can be also used as a fixed shower head. But when you get off the cradle you can use it for washing your children, cleaning the tub, and bathing your pets. It is also available in different lengths of hose but the ideal length is 84” long. The longer it gets, the more it is convenient to use.


The water-saving showerhead is using 1 GPM. when you like to save on gas and water then you can use a water-saving showerhead. Different types of water-saving showerheads can dispense more water. It works when you have low water pressure conditions as they are making you feel that you have enough water pressure.

Spray or massage pattern

There are different spray patterns that you can have such as mist, jet, rain, and pulse. Not all spray patterns are convenient or effective compared to the others.


The rain showerheads are sometimes an overhead style which you can be used under it to get good results. It distributes the water evenly and it has a wider distribution of water. It will work best when you have a strong water pressure to deliver it effectively.

Body sprayers

You can see body sprays in the custom showers. It needs a certain type of spray body and shower valve that is installed inside the wall. It is done in the construction or remodeling phase of the bathroom. You can use it with the showerhead or independently.

Slide bar

It is a type of shower head that is mounted on the wall of your shower and you can adjust the height of the showerhead. It can work in different situations where you may need to adjust the height of the showerhead. It comes in handy when you want to have low water to avoid reaching your hair.