Solar access point lights are an important part of many event spaces, stairwells, walkways, and paths. They use solar power to produce light that helps to light up the areas and point the way to an entry or exit to a specific space. Modern-day solar access lighting uses the latest technology in LED and solar power to produce light that illuminates enough space to keep people safe. 

The benefits of solar access point lights

The use of solar LED access lighting provides venue and site managers the perfect chance to keep people safe at all times, with easy installation in an off-grid manner for both permanent use or for hire on short-term projects and temporary sites. The benefits of access point lighting that uses solar power to generate it include the fact that there are zero carbon emissions, no fuel consumption attached to its use, motion-activated through sensors to boost levels of efficiency and the option to light up automatically at night and to turn off automatically during the day. This 100% renewable energy system is the best way to light up the area and to keep people safe on site. 

Why is site access and emergency lighting a requirement?

Emergency lighting is a compulsory component of public buildings. When it comes to an emergency situation or a location where there is a need for a pathway to be lit for direction in both a general entrance and exit sense and for emergency situations, it is important to have the right type of lighting in place. Solar access lighting provides a clear path for these situations. 

Access lighting helps to reduce tension and keeps people calm if they are walking into a dark room (such as a cinema), a construction site at night, an event space, or in an emergency situation, where lighting is used to light hallways and stairwells to direct people out of a building. 

In emergency situations it helps emergency responders, such as the fire brigade or paramedics to find their way safely inside to help those inside who are facing the emergency.In terms of maintaining calm and reducing panic, solar access point lights provide clarity for every person who sees them and uses them to guide the way. 

For everyday use, site lighting provides that much needed level of safety where every person on site, whether working or visiting, knows where to go, where to be, and the correct entrance and exit channels. This is even more important now, where one-way systems and the like might be in place due to Covid restriction or for site access, deliveries, and other daily tasks. 

Suppliers of site lighting in the form of solar power, hybrid generators and the like, are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to lighting up our future. As you can see, there are many different reasons why emergency lighting and access lighting is important in the modern world, and when you find a supplier of these products that fits with your own company ethos, has high safety standards and a view to producing products that have a greater reliance on renewable sources of energy, you are onto a winner.