It is proven that an average person spends almost 26 years of his life sleeping.  Imagine dedicating that much time to sleep.  Quality sleep matters.  So makes a quality bed to sleep in.  It is important to pick the right kind of bed for yourself and your room.

A bed is your retreat after a hectic day or a hard schedule.  The comfort, warmth, and bliss it offers are simply priceless.  So, ensure you choose the right one.  The wrong type of beds design leads to poor sleep, sore muscles, and back pain.  That’s precisely why choosing an ideal bed and mattress makes the difference.

Choose a perfect bed which

  • Accommodates the number of people you wish to buy it for
  • Suits the size of your bedroom perfectly
  • Is in sync with your room decor
  • Feels comfortable to sleep in
  • Is made from high quality, durable material
  • Fits your budget and is a value for money product

There are various types of beds, depending on their features, size, and design.  This ultimate piece of comfort furniture comes in numerous amazing styles.  There are various modern bed designs which offer unique benefits that fit seamlessly with your needs and lifestyle.  While furnishing your family house, we introduce you to some types of beds, which maximize space and deliver exclusive benefits.

Single Bed

True to its name, a single bed is useful for a single person.  It is most popular in hostels, single-person rooms in hotels, bachelor pads, studio apartments, and such compact spaces designed for a single individual.  Ideal for kids or teens, these beds can be used for other purposes as well, such as relaxing, sitting and reading, reclining, and so on.  A single bed is a good option for older people whose movements are restricted.

Double Bed

A stylish double bed adds glory to your bedroom.  It’s great for those who do not compromise on their sleep and want extra legroom to stretch and sleep comfortably.  A double bed is perfect for a couple.  Choose a double bed of top-notch quality from the latest bed designs and enhance the space dynamics of your bedroom.

King Size Bed

When you prefer an extravagant lifestyle with majestic and luxurious furniture pieces, the king size bed is your choice.  The king size bed is wider and best suited for those who share their bed with pets or kids.  This type of bed is a smart investment if you have a large family, as it maximizes the bedroom space efficiently.

Queen Size Bed

A queen size bed is royal, beautiful looking, and slightly smaller in size than a king size bed.  A great choice for a small family or a young couple, the queen size bed has an appropriate size to stretch and roll over.  Not too small and not too large, it’s a golden mean to indulge in peaceful sleep or enjoy your resting time.  Many attractive and modern bed designs are available in queen size.  Handpick what suits your house and interior decor the best.

Folding Bed

A folding bed is extremely space and cost-saving.  You can use it whenever you have guests or friends for a night over or as the need arises.  You can put it in any room.  A folding bed is portable, easy to unfold and carry around.  Comfort and convenience, a folding bed gives you the best of both.  An investment, which is really worth it.

Hydraulic Bed

In modern space management, a multi-tasking furniture piece is an all-time favourite like a smart, functional, ergonomic, and stylish hydraulic bed.  The plus point of a hydraulic bed is that it has an internal fitting system that does not require us to apply extra force for lifting the bed to reach the storage.  The innovative lift-up mechanism and additional storage space under the bed platform make this bed stress-free as well as convenient.  You can put your hydraulic bed in synch with your decor items such as lamps, accent chairs, side tables, and stylish lamps.

Storage Bed

A storage bed is one of the smartest modern bed designs.  A bed and a storage unit, this piece of furniture give you the best of both.  As you lift the bed platform, the space underneath offers sufficient room for storage such as linen, pillows, blankets, mosquito nets, and even other types of items such as artifacts.  A wooden bed design having storage space is sturdy and durable.  You can get some amazingly best beds with storage space in the market.  Buy a bed online, choose the one which goes well with the theme of your decor.

There are some other types of best beds to consider before choosing beds for your family house.  They are available in numerous stunning styles, including minimalistic, lavish, luxurious, compact, spacious, geometric, artistic, royal, and so on.  The style, which reflects your philosophy of life, befits you the best.

  • Traditional style four-poster beds, single or framed with a canopy, add a regal touch to your bedroom.
  • Platform or panel beds eliminate the need for a bulky mattress and are ideal for a minimalistic lifestyle.
  • Cots beds are lightweight, portable, and can be put up when you have guests at home.
  • Futon beds are inspired by the traditional Japanese style of bedding and can be a folding bed as well as a couch.
  • Bunk beds or double-decker beds are ideal for kids’ bedrooms. They are two beds stacked on top of another with a ladder leading to the top bunk.

While choosing a perfect bed for yourself and your family members, know how you sleep and how you would like to sleep.  Consider your height and weight.  Ensure that the bed is in coordination with the home decor and the size of the bedroom.  Maximize the space with storage options.

Sleep is an important endeavour.  Getting deep, blissful sleep is a priceless blessing.  Go for the bed, which in addition to its features, gives you content and rejuvenating sleeping experience.