Thinking of buying a coffee table? The most preferred material is wood – and we’re talking about premium wooden coffee tables. 

Wood has exceptional qualities – it has the ability to look classy, sassy, and beautiful. 

Not every table is made of the same kind of wood. There are different types of woods used for making these tables. Here’s a quick post that highlights the top 6 kinds of wood used for making tables. Before you go ahead and buy a table, it is advisable to understand the pros and cons of different woods. Let’s take a quick look! 

#1 Oak 

The most cherished wood is oakwood. It’s used for making different pieces of furniture. Most people love its stained and unpainted look. Oakwood looks raw and precious. Now, there are different types of oak too. You will get white oak, red oak, black oak, and cherry bark oak. Oak is known for its durability and raw look. It can be a little expensive but is totally worth it. 

#2 Pinewood 

Pine is another popular form of wood. Pine is a softwood and the trees grow very quickly too. The wood is quite affordable too. People usually paint it with some thick varnish. 

You can find coffee tables made of pinewood and the thickness can vary. It’s a great option, but don’t make a decision as of yet. 

#3 Walnut 

Known for its rich color, walnut wood has become quite popular over the years. You can check out Elegant Tables walnut wood coffee tables collection. There are different designs and you will be amazed by the quality too. 

Walnut wood is tough, good-looking, and expensive. But the price is worth it because you won’t have to change the coffee table for decades – this will last longer and stay super strong. 

#4 Mahogany 

Mahogany is a super luxurious wood. Woodworkers appreciate working with this wood – it cuts really well and looks superior too. 

#5 Cedar 

Cedar is aromatic and quite beautiful. It is known for its reddish vibrant color. The aroma of this wood is exquisite – it is strong and quite popular too. Most woodworkers leave it unpainted – that’s due to the scent of this wood. It is a softwood, but has some downside – brittleness is one of them. 

#6 Cherry 

Cherry wood has a beautiful reddish tinge. The red tinge looks quite rich and elegant. You must have seen cherry wood is used for making guitars and violins. It is hardwood, so making coffee tables with this is favorable. 

Concluding Thoughts 

These were the most common woods used for making coffee tables. Feel free to check out the collection at Elegant Tables. The designs, colors, patterns, and quality is praiseworthy indeed.