Proper care of antique furniture will help preserve its value and appearance for future generations. The key to caring for antique or historic furniture is that it should not be maintained or repaired in the same way as contemporary furniture, such as with strong polishes and cleaners, as these can ruin old pieces. Melbourne vintage furniture can be affected in various ways: environmental changes, such as humidity; biological changes, such as insects; and human intervention, such as polishing or tampering with furniture.

Tips to keep your antique furniture in good condition.

Protect furniture from the sun.

Don’t place furniture in direct sunlight, as UV light is harmful and can damage wood and fabrics. Ideally, antique furniture should be placed out of direct sunlight, and blinds or curtains should be used to block direct sunlight where possible.

Invest in a humidifier or dehumidifier

Placing furniture near radiators, fireplaces, or vents can cause temperature differences to cause the furniture to shrink, which can lead to loose adhesives and veneers. Your furniture depends on the amount of moisture in the air, so any change to this setting can cause expansion and contraction, which can cause drawers to loosen or get stuck. Investing in a humidifier or dehumidifier can create a consistent room temperature.

Isolate and destroy any pest infestation.

Insects get comfortable homes in leather, wood, and fabric. Termites and beetles, for example, can eat through the fibers inside the wood until they make their way out, and cockroaches can feed on grease and grime that has accumulated on wood surfaces. You can easily identify a pest infestation as the insects tend to leave a trail of exit holes on the furniture’s surface. You should call an exterminator or restorer to inspect your furniture as soon as you notice any holes.

Use suitable polishes for the surface.

Furniture oils and silicone polishes were once used to clean old furniture. However, although this improves the appearance of the furniture, it can contribute to the deterioration of the finish over time. The best way to preserve your lacquer finish is to apply a thin coat of high quality wax paste every year. Furniture wax paste is durable and helps protect the surface from moisture and dust. Use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth to keep it dust-free for the rest of the year.

Move furniture carefully

Chairs are carried by the seat, not by the back or armrests, and tables should be moved by the legs, not the top, as they can detach from the base. It is always advisable to remove drawers or shelves from furniture before moving, as they can become loose and damaged during the move.


Antique furniture can look great in a home, so ensure your furniture continues to look great by following the tips above.