When it comes to fencing a house, wooden fences are the top priority for most homeowners. When it comes to quality and affordability wooden fencing is the best solution. Depending on the aesthetics & functionalities one is looking for one can choose from the wide range of options available. Wooden fencing does the same job as any other costly fencing material such as offering noise reduction, privacy and security. Here’s a guide to help homeowners find the best modern wooden fence Houston.

Factors to consider while choosing the best wood for fencing

Following are things that one must consider before installing a modern wooden fence Houston:

  • Climatic conditions

The local weather should be the first factor one should consider before choosing the wood for fencing. The humidity, stability, and temperatures are some of the common things to consider. By choosing the right wood based on the local weather one can prevent the fence from getting decayed. This way the fence will be easy to maintain and will last for a long period.

  • Budget

If you’re searching for a reliable fencing company in Leeds, budgeting becomes crucial, especially when considering a fence installation. Some individuals on a limited budget might be tempted to choose cheaper, low-quality wood for their fences. However, it’s essential to understand that opting for such materials may lead to shorter lifespans, increased maintenance needs, and a higher risk of decay. Instead, investing in high-quality wood might require a bit more upfront, but it’s a wise choice as it ensures durability and reduces the need for frequent repairs, ultimately saving you money in the long run. Trust a reputable fencing company in Leeds to provide you with top-notch fence options that stand the test of time.

  • Vulnerabilities to insects

One of the major issues with any wooden object is it is often prone to termites. Therefore one should opt for a wooden material that has undergone pressure treatment and has natural repellent properties.

  • The size of the house

Modern wooden fencing is available in different sizes and designs. One should choose fencing that matches the size and look of the house.

Types of wooden fencing available in the market

Currently, there are 5 chief types of wooden fence options available in the market:

  • Cedar- This particular wood fence variety is both budget-friendly and resistant to rot and insects. A painted or stained cedar wood fence lasts longer. By adding extra sealant protection to the wood, one can also protect it from moisture and UV rays.
  • Doughlas Fir- This particular variety generally comes in light brown to yellowish in color & has even grains all over. Though it might not have much resistance to decay from rot, staining can help prevent damage.
  • Redwood- Redwood is one of the most expensive and premium quality wood used for fencing. It has a beautiful finish and is highly durable.
  • Cypress- Cypress is naturally resistant to insects and rots and therefore is one of the most preferred options for outdoor fencing.
  • Treated Woods- Pressure-treated woods offer great durability. These fences can be painted and stained to make them look similar to redwood or cedar.


When looking for modern wooden fence Houston solutions it’s always better to consult a professional who can suggest the best fencing option as per the house’s requirements. Also, no matter what wood fencing you choose, always stain and paint them to increase the fence’s lifespan.