Acquiring a very innovative floor design will be the first things your guest would notice then praise you with this particular. Be it mosaic tiles, shell stone tile for sale or pavers or slabs, limestone tiles make the perfect option to choose. They’ve beautiful texture because of their method of getting sedimentary rocks.

Going to the characteristics of limestone tiles, they’re of mediocre durability and are a fantastic option to synthetic flooring. Because of the perfect maintenance, they stay strong for longer periods. There is a stood a wealthy appearance with appropriate installation, leave an elegant appearance for that floor.

Let us learn more about this.

How Limestone Demonstrated up At Existence?

2017 Guide for Limestone Tile Pros and Cons

Calcium Carbonate containing sedimentary rocks is exactly what limestone is actually. They form after different left-outs of creatures, fishes and plants get hidden and pressurized after a while to create the sedimentary rocks. They are available in water physiques with numerous corals algae and shellfish are available around, since they are wealthy in calcium carbonate.

Kinds of Finishes in Limestone Tiles

Limestone is polished to create tiles based on their finish-use. The trending finish in the marketplace within our scenario may be the matte finish, where folks are going gaga within the shine within the tiles. Other Finish types are:

Polished Limestone: They were given their natural pores full of materials then polished to provide a shiny appearance. Common for lavatory floors.

Tumbled Limestone: Corners & edges obtain a round shape using another stone. Well suited for outdoors installation for almost any vintage appearance.

Honed Limestone: pores are slightly filled and fewer polished, looking after your elegance obtaining a matte finish. Not slippery in comparison to polished limestone tiles.

Pros and cons for Limestone Tiles

There are many benefits with little disadvantages with limestone tiles.


Durability: Very durable because of high mineral composition.

Cost: Installation will be cheaper in comparison with marble or granite.

Versatility: Very versatile may be cut easily based on size needs.

Ecological Conservation: It’s a natural material, that’s a fantastic choice to synthetic ones.

Safety: Non-inflammable and so, safe for kitchens.

2017 Guide for Limestone Tile Pros and Cons


Soft: High activity area can break the perimeters of tiles with improper installation.

Weight: Heavy in weight, thus need additional care while handling and installing.

Maintenance: High maintenance needed you may anticipate longer run.


Limestone tiles are the ideal option to synthetic ones giving your house a pristine beauty with natural elegance. They are available in various colours in the choice and choose renovating a classic use their home.