Curtains can change so much about how a room looks. They can add creativity and be a bold statement in the room or they can harmonise with the rest of the interior design and blend nicely with other colours in the room. If you’re thinking of getting new curtains these curtain trends that will be popular next year might inspire you.


A recent change in curtain trends has made subtle and scaled-back design forward prints super popular. This kind of a curtain design gives curtains and the interior design a pop of personality and colour without bringing too much attention to the curtains. The pared-back pattern trend is all about curtain textures that add a subtle punch in the interior design. They use small-scale prints like tiny floral designs or any other type of print you like to make the curtains look unique and creative. However, the emphasis is on subtlety. The design is not supposed to steal the spotlight.

If you thought that curtains were out of style, this trend will definitely change your mind. The small-scale prints bring a personality to the curtains, bring a sense of holiday into homes, and they stay contemporary. They pair nicely with lots of different colours and interior designs so you never have to worry about how you will combine them with the rest of your home. The fact that they work in any setting makes them perfect for any household.


Customised details can make any home feel chic. That applies to curtains as well. That’s why handcrafted details on curtains are entering the curtain trends through the big doors next year. These kinds of handcrafted details can be anything. You can opt for embroidered patterns, hand-quilted panels, a scalloped leading edge, and many other amazing and creative designs. By adding these small yet special details to the curtain fabric is a great way to make your curtains stand out without making an overwhelming effect and shunning everything else in the room.

If you want to create a cosy feeling in the bedroom or living room, opt for embroidered details since they add subtle texture and make the space feel extra homey. On the other hand, if you want to add an edge to a very simple and plain fabric, find a hint of pattern and colour that can make the curtains pop off. You can also choose to embrace some colour trends and use contrasting colour pairings that will make your curtains stand out.


One curtain trend that will never go out of style is the use of curtain rods and rails. However, if you want to add a little more drama to your curtain design, consider experimenting with alternative pelmets. Today’s curtain designs are slowly leaving old-fashioned ideas behind and brining in new ways of adding interesting details to your curtains.

Instead of using a traditional pelmet, you can experiment with fascia and lath in matching fabric. This can be a fun alternative way to decorate your curtains and make them stand out. Something that would normally be a hidden track is now being used as a decorative feature.  In a way, this curtain trend is taking something old-fashioned and turning it into something completely new and unique.

One particular trend that will especially bloom next year is the use of gathered pelmets. These look amazing with any curtains but they are also extremely pretty when attached on top of a roman build or to a shelf. By gathering the fabric together you can add a decorative element to your curtain design. You can choose different types of patterns to use depending on the desired outcome. For instance, plain fabric has a very sophisticated look and is amazing for a home office room or a bedroom for adults. On the other hand, stripes or gingham are great for children’s room.


Now, if you want something truly bold and different, then this trend is perfect for you. The use of new graphics on curtains is the trend that will make any room feel alternative, modern, and chic. If you want unique curtains that will bring out your creative sense of design and décor then these types of curtains are perfect for you.

The best part is that there are so many creative combinations. For instance, you can pair soft textiles with graphic paintings and prints. You can make contrast in colours. You can layer details. There is so much room for creativity.

The key to making truly stunning graphic curtains is to find a balance in the mix and pairings you are making. While this kind of a trend is all about bold and unique designs, you still need to find some kind of a balance, unity, and cohesion between the elements you decide to pair together.

For example, you can tone down the straight edges or triangles and squares with lighter materials and pared-back palette. If you opt for curved shapes, you can pair them nicely with more opaque fabrics and bolder colours. To create a playful undertone, you can combine bold vertical stripes and contrasting colours. Try to also play with the spacing and width to tone down the bold effect.


Lastly, if you’re not really the type to go for bold colours and curtain designs, then this curtain trend will probably be your favourite one.

Minimalist design has been very popular recently when it comes to home designs. It’s no surprise that it will take over the curtain design trends as well. One of the best ways to embrace minimalism in your curtain design is to install drapery into a suspended ceiling. This small detail will instantly draw the eye up and create a beautiful feel in the space.

You can consult a designer or architect to create a recess in the ceiling specifically for this. For a more simple solution they can install a solid pelmet in wood and paint it to match your walls. Behind it is where you can hide the curtain rails.


Overall, the next year brings many amazing curtain trends. They are all very versatile and creative so anyone can find something they like. Try to experiment with these trends and see which one fits your home’s aesthetic the most.