To see the lush green grass grow lawn or backyard is a sight to behold for many people who love it, and with proper care, these grasses grow for an extended period. However, as time passes, signs start to show that it needs some replacing, and one has to go through growing it again.

One can choose to free some time when the grass needs replacing: artificial turf. One can buy artificial grass for a better evergreen look and durability.

What is an Artificial Turf?

They are also known as synthetic grass made of artificial fibres that look like natural grass. Making this artificial grass is the same as how carpets are made.

To imitate the look of natural grass, this turf also has brown thatches where the fibres are attached, and it is all thanks to modern technology that this is made possible.

Benefits of Artificial Turf

Thousands of residential, industrial, and leisure spaces already have artificial grass in Melbourne. It all resulted in attractive landscapes that only needed minimal maintenance. It saved those who chose to use their time and money and gave them a solution for their growing concern on overuse and sometimes unsafe fields.

If you ever wonder when it’s time to change an artificial turf, here are signs to watch out for.

  1. Obvious signs of damage like wear and tear
  2. The heat that touches, melt or burns the turf
  3. Oil spills
  4. Stains and odours due to pet waste and mould growth (regular cleaning is a must)
  5. Fading colours due to changing weather conditions and years of having them on your lawn.
  6. Loose seams and inlay

It is best to look for a replacement right away if you see any of these signs in your artificial turf. Check out this infographic to learn more or contact us at 1800 327 988 and (03) 93153041. You can also go through our website for more information at