Proper care and maintenance of your home improve your wellbeing. If you have carpet flooring, it is advisable to seek professional cleaning services for the surfaces. The initiative can help eliminate stains and all types of dirt from your rug, especially from areas that experience high human traffic. 

On the other hand, you have a role to play to ensure the exercise goes smoothly and effectively. In this read, we will offer you tips on what you should do before a professional rug cleaning Los Angeles service arrives at your doorstep. Let us get right into it.

How to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning

Although you regularly vacuum your carpet, hiring professional cleaners for the tasks is advisable. It helps eliminate the risks of allergic reactions from dirt and particles while improving your home comfort. Below are steps you need to take to prepare your home for professional carpet cleaning;

Ask Questions

The first consultation with a p[rofessional cleaning company should offer you insights into their expertise and techniques. You can learn a lot and know what to expect by asking questions during the interaction. Some companies will have a checklist of what you could do to prepare for their service. Consider the tasks and if you will need help doing them to avoid hurting yourself with the heavy items. Alternatively, the cleaning company can offer you the personnel to help with the tasks.

The Pre-cleaning

You can opt to vacuum the carpet before the p[rofessional cleaners arrive. However, some service providers will want their personnel to do it as it is part of their job. Still, the companies can have a previsit to vacuum the carpet in readiness for a thorough cleaning. 

Furniture Moving

Since professional cleaning companies would visit your home for price estimation, moving items that may make the activity difficult is necessary. However, it can be a risky initiative as you can hurt yourself trying to relocate bulky items. So, consider your health and physical condition before moving furniture from the carpet you want to be cleaned. 

It is advisable to ask if you need to move your furniture. Ensure you get assistance with the heavy items to be safe.

Remove Fragile Items

Carpet cleaning can be a vigorous activity with several on-site personnel to undertake the tasks. It is advisable to remove fragile items from the spaces to limit the damage. You can store away wall art and other smaller items that may be at risk of damage. 


Cleaning works become much easier when you do not have any distractions. It is best to collect all items that may lie on the floor to eliminate the risks of accidents. So, pick all items lying around to make the environment safer for the cleaning activity. Apart from ensuring safety, it will reduce the time to complete the job.

Proof your Walls

Ensure you fold hanging curtains to avoid them getting wet. Alternatively, you can take the time to clean the curtains too. On the other hand, proofing the wall helps protect it from damage. Consider the places where the hose pipes will be passing through to maintain your walls in perfect condition after the carpet cleaning.