Your family and belongings matter most when it comes to your home. Pests like mice and rodents are a significant threat to these assets. There’s no doubt that these creatures can ruin your property and pose health risks to your family. D&R Pest Control Company ensures your home is safe and well-maintained. Mice and rodent infestations in Coralville can be effectively prevented and managed with their expertise and commitment.


The Hidden Menace


Despite their harmless appearance, mice and rodents in Coralville can damage your property, including chewing through electrical wires, contaminating food, and spreading diseases. These sneaky pests seek shelter inside your cozy house during the winter, so they’re a year-round problem.


D&R Pest Control’s Expertise


D&R Pest Control has years of experience caring for Coralville pest infestations. Their skilled technicians know the local rodent species and their habits, so they can prevent and exterminate them effectively.


Tailored solutions


The D&R Pest Control team doesn’t believe in one size fits all. Personalized solutions are needed for every home. To fortify your home against these invaders, their experts conduct thorough inspections to find entry points.


Long-term protection


Rather than just killing bugs, D&R Pest Control focuses on prevention. You don’t have to worry about mice and rodents in Coralville returning to your house because they seal off entry points, set up traps strategically, and provide maintenance advice.




The steadfast shield of D&R Pest Control guards your Coralville home against mice and rodents. Pest control services from them are top-notch because of their commitment to protecting your most valuable assets, environmentally friendly methods, and personalized approach.