If you live in a nice climate, adding a deck or patio to your house might be a great addition. You might be surprised to hear that Butte Fence provides a range of patio covers in Boise that can be an effective complement to a home security system.

Make options that complement your home’s architectural design and the activities of the surrounding community. When selecting a cover for your items, consider both its utility and esthetic appeal. This allows visitors to view it exactly how it appears on the cover. Consult with the developer and conduct research to choose the best type of cover for your home.

The list of prospective covers on this page might serve as a starting point for your own inquiry. You may choose whether or not to make the changes permanent.


Awnings are common patio and deck enclosures. The device’s construction materials and architecture have evolved dramatically since its first introduction. Remember that awnings are associated with the Roman Empire.

Ancient Egyptian and Syrian cultures employed awnings and other shade structures. These structures have housed humans for as long as civilizations have existed. Originally, awnings were intended to shade buildings and protect them from the sun. The primary component was fabric. Most likely, the first retractable awning was built during the reign of the Roman Empire. The velarium included a retractable roof to keep the temperature consistent in the Roman Colosseum stadium.

Currently, the awning is directed in that direction. When an item meets the canopy, it just lifts off. Awnings are still widely used today, possibly due to their versatility. Awnings on buildings are either permanent or retractable. The folding system allows you to choose between powered and non-powered options.

If you only use your deck for a few months out of the year, retractable deck covers may be your best option. In the winter, awnings can be rolled up for a variety of purposes, including protection from snow and ice. Reversing them helps to avert tornadoes and other catastrophic weather. They may be customized to the wearer’s preferences and are rather effective in blocking out the sun.

When to Use Canopies Properly

Awnings and canopies have some characteristics, but not all. There are both fixed and retractable alternatives. When comparing construction materials, canopies are frequently the most cost-effective option for building a patio or deck. Another benefit is the simplicity with which the cover may be created.

A canopy is an excellent method to shade your deck for visitors, whether you’re throwing a huge party or simply want to keep your children and pets cool during the hot months. Its malleability is comparable to that of awnings, allowing you to choose a design that suits the architectural style of your home.

Maintaining Awnings

Solar screens are used to prevent a lot of sunlight, as the name implies. They make it more difficult to look through them, even if they do not completely block the view from the outside. Unlike the other types of coverings discussed on this page, the screen is designed to be hung vertically and serves as a protective screen rather than a covering. These moveable panels are ideal for conservation and may be useful for south-facing constructions.

Safety Protocols

Still, as a homeowner, you must keep your deck and patio in good condition at all times. Do you want an injury on your patio or deck affecting someone you care about? It’s critical to remember to take some basic safety precautions when resting on your patio or deck.

Examine your deck’s lumber to check if any of it is decaying. If you maintain your deck properly, it can survive for many years. However, wood may not keep up well over time. To inspect for rot in the deck’s wood, use a pitchfork, shovel, or spade. A shovel or pitchfork must be used to deeply puncture the wood; otherwise, it must be mended.

Check the stability of the stairwell’s rails and stairs. Exercise caution when using damaged railings and staircases. Push the railing to ensure it is still firmly secured. Make sure the stairs stay level, and keep an eye out for any signs that the deck is sliding away from the steps.

Pruning is an integral aspect of plant and tree care. To make extra area on your deck, consider pruning any overgrown trees or plants.

Maintain a safe distance between your kitchen and dwelling. Putting a barbecue or fire pit too near to your home is never a smart idea. A BBQ fire seldom begins in the same manner. It is not a good idea to set a fire pit or barbecue too close to your home, no matter how appealing it appears. There may be a few embers remaining in the fire.

Remove any residual mold and mildew. Depending on where you reside in the United States, July temperatures and humidity may vary. Strong shadows on decks and walls are ideal environments for allergies to thrive. Before administering the mold and algae treatment of your choice, ensure that you, your pets, and the surrounding environment are safe.

Use patio stones that are carelessly or badly placed. Concrete patios and asphalt pathways are especially prone to cracking during hard winters. Check for damage and ensure that the patio pavers are properly aligned.

Determine the placement of each piece of furniture in the room. Place the furniture away from any pool safety elements, such as the deck railings. Young children learn effectively and with great enthusiasm. If a child is permitted to climb on this furniture, they will very certainly fall off and into a balcony or the lake.

The doors must be provided with locks. If you have little children, lock the entrance to your covered patio or deck. If your patio or deck is located far away from the front entrance, you should safeguard it.

When utilizing patio heaters, be cautious. Patio heaters are gaining in popularity. If you intend to use it outside on your patio, assume it is on a level, solid surface. If the temperature fell below forty degrees Fahrenheit, the propane would cease to perform properly. It must be kept up outside the home, much like the BBQ.

Briefly Stated

We’ve just scratched the surface of the vast array of deck and patio covers (both temporary and permanent) available today. Examine your alternative long-term options after performing a study and determine that this is the best course of action. Visit www.buttefence.com to learn more about this prospective option.