We live in a world where Home Automation has played an important role in making our lives easier. As much as we love it, we should see that we use our electricity conveniently given the shortages and high rates. A time switch can make it possible as it controls the electric circuit.

What Is A Time Switch?

A time switch is an electronic device that controls the electric load with mechanical power on and off after an assigned break. It controls the lights and turns them on or off according to the timer. Time switches are utilised in residential and retail buildings to control lighting, fountains, public gardens, schools, and heating and irrigation systems. Schedules can be set daily, weekly, or annually.

What Are The Different Types Of Time Switches?

There are three types of time switches: digital, astronomical, and analogue.

Analog Time Switch

Analogue time switches are also known as mechanical and manual time switches. They work by tracking the time with spring and are simple to use. One has to wind the dial to a specific time like you set your watch, and it’s long-lasting and economical.

You can change the settings for some models within a 60 min period and for some as many times as possible in a day. Analogue switches can look like plug-in sockets or in-wall switches. Plug-ins are easy to use once you insert them in the socket; you can set the time, whereas the in-wall switch needs to be installed and is quite complicated to use.

Digital Time Switch

Compared to the analogue time switches, these are programmable and provide many features. They are accurate, have smaller time changing buttons, and can be used for years as they have a longer run. The best part about these is that they can be password protected. Some also have sensors that can turn on/off lights according to sunlight. Some new models can be connected to your smartphones, and you can then control the digital switch using your smartphone.

Astronomical Time Switch

Astronomical time switches are similar to digital ones, but their system differs from digital ones. They work according to the time of day and have a built-in procedure that turns the light on/off by estimating the time of sunrise and sunset. There are mostly remote controlled switch models that don’t provide many features.

Other Types of Time Switches

Some other time switches which are quite common and useful include irrigation timers used in farms and fields and can also be used in gardens according to their use in different occupations. Water heater time switches and staircase time switches are useful in factories, offices and buildings.

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