Landscaping can serve as an excellent method to improve the look of your property, get your neighbor jealous, or just give your house a much-needed facelift. People usually connect this practice with lush, manicured lawns, but the options are endless.

As you are able to see, there are various ways you may employ to distinguish your property from others in the community. Given that everyone’s interests and goals differ, there will be a solution that’s suitable for you. Landed Landscapes and its staff can help you with any queries you have and design and care for the yard of your dreams.


Gardening is a common spring and summer hobby for many individuals since it may reduce tension while also providing a fresh-smelling and beautiful appearance to the home. In addition, the flora is helpful to the ecology. You might plant anything from aromatic flowers to entice pollinators to a produce garden in which you can grow your own vegetables or fruits.

Although you may do this task independently, Landed Landscapes can aid you in identifying the best placements for your plants. They may also advise you on where to plant trees depending on the layout of your property to keep your home shaded and less susceptible to being heated by the sun’s rays.


Landscaping may be classified into two sorts. Most people are aware of soft scaping, which involves gardening and lawn care, but there is also hardscaping. This is how components like stone and wood are included. This method is commonly used to add living space to residences.

A patio installed in the backyard is a typical instance of hardscaping. This gives homeowners a space to entertain visitors. Because hardscaping requires so much time and work, you will need to employ help. After a patio has been finished, Landed Landscapes may improve its overall attractiveness and functionality by incorporating features such as an outdoor fireplace or stone walkways.

Water Supply Devices

Lawn care and landscaping complement one other to keep your property looking great. While mowing the grass helps prevent it from becoming overgrown, if it is brown, your home may appear unpleasant, especially if your neighbors’ yards are lush and green.

An irrigation system may help your lawn grow lush even in dry times. You can control when the irrigation system performs its tasks as well as the volume of spray it generates with the right irrigation system. Since hoses use a lot of water, these systems are less labor-intensive than watering plants by hand and can help you save money on your monthly water bill.

Other Things to Consider

While the three methods mentioned above can give excellent service, there are many more possibilities accessible. Because the outside of your house is the first thing people notice when they walk by or visit your property, it’s important to be sure you’ve addressed all of the essentials.

Some property owners opt for new driveways because the proper material simplifies driving and parking. Others may utilize exterior lights to keep themselves and their family and friends safe while they are out late at night.

Landed Landscapes is here to help you with whichever option you like. They are happy to help you with whatever service you want, whether it is just design suggestions or aid in constructing the landscape elements you desire. Every project they do is tailored to your individual requirements while remaining reasonable.

You are able to contact them whenever you want more lawn maintenance to keep your house looking great. Many families in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area rely on Landed Landscapes members for raking and mowing services, and we can do the same for you.

There is no reason to let your property suffer from a lack of beautiful landscaping when there are so many possibilities. Landed Landscapes is prepared to handle whatever treatment you require and can offer additional suggestions. Contact them right away if you want to get inspired by some of their prior work.