To enhance the appearance of a room, you need to choose the ideal skirting board style. The ideal style will propose a professional finish. Again, it will also cover the gap between the floor and the wall. The styles of skirting boards are found in various designs, and they all work to complement the present interiors. At times, they also match other design features present in a space. You can select an ornate style as it would improve a heritage setting. Alternatively, you can opt for designs too that get inspiration from some refined features.

Among different skirting board styles, straight-edged styles are one, and these styles complement a room’s engineered look but with minimal influences. Some well-known styles of skirting boards are:

Burford skirting boards

When the matter zeroes on finishing a room, you will find Burford skirting boards to be excellent, as these boards conceal the gap using a decorative trim and it has a versatile and simple design. These skirting boards seem to be excellent for completing homes that have a contemporary or traditional décor.

Chamfered skirting boards

If you have got freshly painted walls, then you can enhance them with chamfered skirting boards. Every person can form a bespoke finish using a complementary color, and for this, he must use a primed choice. Again, he can also use a moisture-resistant option in rooms that remain wet.

Double-groove skirting boards

You can have minimalistic lines using a double-groove skirting board. These boards feature dual-lined designs, and they border the room to protect it from marks and scuffs. You will find these skirting boards at various heights, and they help accomplish people’s awaited aesthetic no matter whether they are bold or slim, or sleek borders.

Lambs tongue skirting boards

Lambs tongue skirting boards are found with the integration of curved cut-outs and square cut-outs, and they add decorative and simple features to the interiors. These skirting boards remain fixed to the base of a wall, and they give a stylish look for elevating the décor of rooms. This style seems to be versatile, which is why it is used for different interior styles, from contemporary spaces to heritage-inspired schemes. These skirting boards seem to be durable, and this feature protects the base parts of walls against regular marks or knocks.

Ogee skirting boards

These skirting boards have got an ornate style and comprise curvaceous shapes, such as “S” and some opposing arcs, and they give decorative finishes to a wall’s edge. The elegant designs of these skirting boards pair with refined or heritage interiors. You will find Ogee skirting boards to be obtainable at different heights so that they can cater to different spaces.

Pencil round skirting boards

A pencil round skirting board is utilized for concealing expansion gaps. These skirting boards also make the corners of plasterwork neat. You can choose a primed version that is created from a moisture-resistant component, and you will also get a wood-effect version that you can stain or varnish for bespoke finishes.

Look carefully to choose

People prefer to use skirting boards as they serve different purposes. You will find various skirting board styles from which you have to take your pick. And for this, you have to look carefully at every style well.