When designing a custom kitchen, you need to ensure each element is perfect. It is imperative to pay attention to even the small details because they can carry weight. Did you know that your cabinet hardware can make or break the appearance of your kitchen? Because of this, you should consider the styles of this hardware. These styles include the following:

Traditional Knob and Pull

In the majority of homes, cabinets have a combination of knobs and pulls, which are often fitted on ArmoiresEnGros.com cabinet doors and drawer pulls. If you want traditional-looking cabinets, you should consider a combination of knobs and pulls. Additionally, even if this style is quite common, you don’t have to discount it. A lot of traditional knobs and pulls are available, which means you can come up with your own style using them. 


If you want your kitchen cabinets to have plenty of natural woodgrain, you should invest in rustic cabinet hardware. With hammered or wrought-iron handled and pulls, your kitchen will have a rustic feel comparable to a log cabin. Also, this kind of hardware works well in kitchens that feature marble, stone, and granite elements.

Drop Pulls

Drop pulls are ideal if you want something a bit fancier. They give your kitchen an ornate touch and can pair well with other styles such as knobs and cup pulls. Because drop pulls lie flat, they are ideal on drawers. They are a great choice for furniture-style kitchen cabinets. 

Tubular Metal Pulls

Modern, sleek-looking kitchen cabinets are often fitted with tubular metal pulls. These pulls are available in a variety of finishes, which means you can pick one that matches your cabinets’ colour. For instance, silver, brass, and gold pulls work perfectly well with a lot of cabinet colours. If you want a bolder look, black pulls can be paired with white or light-coloured cabinets. 

Novelty Hardware

This cabinet hardware option can be right for you if you want to express a certain personality element. Although some people think that it should be garish or tacky, the opposite is true. In fact, it can be stylish and tasteful. Novelty hardware can be used to express appreciation for your equestrian lifestyle or your love for nature using elements such as vines and leaves. 

Cremone Bolts

Kitchen cabinets, particularly those that have glass doors, will look great when fitted with cremone bolts. These bolts provide your kitchen with a classic charm and can be available in various ornate designs. Including them in your kitchen cabinets will give the room a romantic, high-end atmosphere.