When you find the perfect balance between aesthetics and durability, Ipe hardwood is a perfect option. Longevity is a challenge when it comes to decking solutions. The ipe hardwood decking Florida has risen to prominence recently as Brazilian Lumber offers an insightful dive into the Ipe wood decking world. If you are interested in high-quality decking solutions, then this page is right for you.

Ipe wood

Ipe wood is known as Lapacho or Brazilian Walnut, one of the densest hardwoods with the same fire rating as steel and concrete. The wood comes from the Ipe trees, predominantly found in Brazil’s lush rainforests. The wood reflects the grade of origin. The tropical forests have sculpted Ipe remarkably resilient for many years, making it an ideal option for seaside and outdoor construction applications.

Ipe decking: one of the best woods for outdoor projects

Ipe wood is a renowned tropical hardwood for its incredible properties. Here is why Ipe has gained popularity for the outdoor construction projects:

  • Unparalleled durability. Ipe wood decking is best known for its exceptional strength and hardness. The dense grain of the wood makes it resistant to the following external factors:
    • Rot
    • Decay
    • Insect attacks

The advantages of Ipe wood are:

  • Extremely high quality
  • Hardness
  • Lifespan over 30 years
  • Doesn’t get hot underfoot
  • Resistant to external factors
  • Very low maintenance
  • Stunning aesthetics. Ipe woods add luxury and sophistication to any outdoor space because of the following grain pattern factors:
    • Rich
    • Dark hue
    • Beautiful
  • Natural resistance. Ipe wood naturally repels water, making it less mildew and less susceptible. Its resistance to decking enemies like termites and some other pests is unmatched.
  • Fire resistant. Ipe decking boasts a Class A fire rating that puts it on par with materials like steel and concrete.
  • Grain/texture. Ipe has fine to medium texture with grain varying from straight to irregular or interlocked. The tight grain characteristic of Ipe wood is one notable, which is not merely a mark of quality but results in a smooth-to-touch surface. Despite the toughness, walking on the Ipe deck barefoot is possible as it has a pleasant sensation, unlike the other decking materials.

When planning to have Ipe decking, you need to look for the right installer. One of the reasons why some clients rate Ipe decking as not a good choice of material is because of the failure of installation. They might get the misconception of being not good decking material because of how it is installed and not on its quality.