In an untrustworthy property market, increasing the value of your home is a tried and true strategy of making it more marketable when the moment comes to sell and find another one. With these few ideas and the help of the professionals at Canga Restoration in Schaumburg, IL, your home will look better than ever and be ready to sell.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Sellers are emphasizing the benefits of energy-efficient modifications as energy prices climb, which is an increasing trend in the home market. When you decide to sell your home, tell your real estate agent or broker about the energy-saving changes you’ve made to the building. Future owners will benefit from energy savings from repairs such as insulation upgrades and HVAC system modifications. These improvements also significantly improve living comfort, which may increase the home’s value.

To guarantee that the benefits of the energy efficiency of your house are evident, provide appropriate documentation proving its energy efficiency. The most straightforward method to accomplish this is to include an example of your monthly utility bill, in addition to an energy rating from a residential energy audit, in the listing data for your property on a multiple listing service.

Putting on a Fresh Coat of Paint

According to Angi, painting or wallpapering has continued to be one of the most common and popular house renovation tasks in 2022. Even old exteriors and interiors may be quickly refreshed by just applying a fresh coat of paint, which is also rather affordable.

To begin, repaint any room using an “odd” color scheme. For example, did you give your young daughter clearance to paint her bedroom a vivid green? If that’s the case, that’s a great place to start your search.

Improve Your Roofing

A leaking roof or one reaching the end of its useful life can reduce the value of your property and should be replaced. However, the expected increase in property value may differ from the result of purchasing high-quality shingles. It’s challenging to forecast how much a new roof will boost your home’s worth. Many elements must be taken into account, such as consumer preferences, market conditions, and roof conditions.

Although installing a new roof is unquestionably a wise investment, how can you know whether it will provide a 60% return or increase the value of your home over and beyond its cost? At least three criteria should be considered:

  • The condition of your roof.
  • The housing market in the area.
  • The sort of replacement roof you choose.

What about roofs without shingles? While laminate shingles are less expensive, metal roofs are generally advised as an excellent method to increase the value of a home.

Metal roofs are not only more expensive on average than asphalt shingles, but they additionally provide less of their worth to assessments. In the end, a metal roof will be more expensive, but the return on investment is lower. A metal roof installation could run you $38,600, but it may also increase the value of your property by $23,507 dollars.

As a result, you will have spent $15,093, which you may not be able to recuperate from the sale of your house. A $22,603 asphalt shingle roof might increase the value of your property by $15,392. As a consequence, you will only have spent $7,244, which you might need to repay through increased property value. These are all average values. Your investment might pay off completely. Even if you don’t, going with laminate shingles over a metal roof is a safer bet.

Canga Restoration Can Assist You With New Roofing

There are several ways to improve your property, and Canga Restoration is unquestionably the go-to expert for residential roofing services in Schaumburg, IL. Canga Restoration, a privately held company, has been in business since 2010 to guarantee that every customer is satisfied with the service they receive.