Cabinet refacing in Orange County can be low-cost by utilizing veneer to upgrade the kitchen’s cabinetries. This type of coating is a thin piece of high-quality wood that sticks to a cabinet’s surface, giving them a new look without spending a fortune on replacement cabinets. Homeowners on a tight budget should be aware of this variety of façades to save money.

Applying this covering is easy. Even a house owner can do a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) cupboard project to install one successfully.

The only thing a homeowner needs to do is to be conscious of how cabinet refacing with veneer works written below:

  1. House owners must select a veneer to match their kitchen’s color and style. There are dozens of options, from laminates to natural woods. They should choose a piece that overlaps all sides of the cabinet stiles and rails and guarantee to leave an overhang a half-inch wide and two inches long.
  2. The first thing to get the job done in refacing is to remove all the old doors and drawer fronts, including any molding that covers them.
  3. Then clean the face frames and end panels to remove grease or dust from the surface. Scuff them with medium-grit sandpaper to help the adhesive on the veneer bond well.
  4. Next, Cut the veneer the individual will apply to size with a table saw, straight edge, utility knife, or a laminate slitter. One must be careful not to cut through the back of the veneer; if they do, it may not be as easy to peel away.
  5. Once the veneer is cut to fit, it would be easy to align it with the cabinet. Press the surface to the cabinet while peeling, then firmly push it with a small block to force out air bubbles and ensure complete adhesion.
  6. After the veneer is in place, homeowners can install a new door and drawer fronts and trim them to fit the cabinet’s face frame.

Homeowners need to know the proper ways of carrying out a kitchen cabinet refacing Irvine project. Knowledge is a crucial factor they can obtain to avoid wasting excessive time and money.

Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of cabinet refacing with veneer in the infographic below developed by Kitchen Cabinet Refacings: