Not so long ago, kids spent more time outside with their friends than they do today. We can blame social media, games, chats, and other apps on their gadgets for that. However, it’s better to be proactive and find a way to encourage them to come outside and love every moment of it.

One of the ways is to give them their own space to have fun and enjoy their childhood to the fullest. So, here are some ideas on how to create a kids’ play area in the garden they will adore.

1. Build them a tree house

A tree house doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to make it as high as the branches. You can build a house just a few feet above the ground and around a tree trunk. Alternatively, you can build it by the tree to avoid harming the plant or if the tree is not safe for construction.

The key is to make it comfortable to sit and have sleepovers, meaning you need to build it to be waterproof and warm. Use Styrofoam boards on the timber walls to create insulation and rubber roofing. If you are not much of a builder, then opt for a premade tree house that may be a bit pricey but at least you can choose from many designs.

2. Create an outdoor cinema

If your kids spend a lot of time watching videos and movies on their phones, tablets, and TV, it’s time to introduce them to outdoor cinema. This is an easy entertainment to build with what you have in the house or you can try out your building skills. For the screen, you can use a white sheet you will hang on the fence or frame it with wooden boards and hang it on a tree.

Place solar yard lights close by so there is a dim light around that won’t ruin the experience but still be enough to see the popcorn. Blankets on the grass during summer or inflatable mattresses in spring are perfect to lie on during the movie. To impress the kids, even more, invite their friends and their parents for a movie night with BBQ.

3. Give them a drawing area

A table and benches made from wooden pallets can serve as a creative corner to draw, make things, and even have meals. This is an inexpensive way to give your kids space to be messy while drawing without having to worry they will stain the furniture, walls, and floors.

A large parasol may be enough to keep them safe from the sun, but consider adding a more substantial solution. For example, you can build a pergola or install an awning that will be useful during rainy days so your kids can still spend time outside and stay dry.

4. Build an obstacle course

An obstacle course is not only good for physical activity but also for problem-solving and thinking. You can use tree stumps of different heights as stepping stones or a walking beam for balance. You can install old tires vertically on the façade or fence so the kids can climb.

Moreover, you can incorporate all of these ideas into your obstacle course and turn it into a real challenge. Think of the things that will make your kids run, hop, skip, jump, balance, and dodge when creating your course. For example, add a balance beam, tunnels to crawl in, tree stumps to hop on, jump poles, and a slider to climb and slide down.

5. Install a chalkboard climbing wall

A chalkboard and a climbing wall in one is a great way to cover two activities at the same time. While hanging the chalkboard on the fence is easy, this may need a little more finesse to make sure it’s safe for climbing. The chalkboard should be fixed on the façade or any other wall that will keep it stable to withstand the weight of a few kids and even adults.

Screw in the holders that kids will use to climb, but don’t make them too high to avoid injuries. As a precaution, you can place safety mats underneath to soften the falls. Add an extra screw on the side to hang the chalks and sponge so they don’t end up scattered all over the yard.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a kids’ play area in the garden. Sometimes being creative and resourceful can bring more interesting ideas to life. The most important thing is to keep the kids safe in their play area, as well as entertained so they will want to be there every day.