A sinkhole developing beneath a foundation is one of the factors contributing to foundation failure. Sinkholes typically occur in regions having soluble bedrock, including carbonate rock, salt rock, or limestone. When groundwater moves through the bedrock, it slowly dissolves and washes away the rock, forming underground caves and causing the soil above to collapse or sink. As a property owner, it will pay to be able to identify the signs of sinkholes or foundation issues. It can lead to huge savings on foundation repair in Burleson, Texas. In this guide are mentioned a few warning signs of sinkholes. 


Soft and Spongy Spots


Any areas around a home or yard that have become soft and spongy could indicate a sinkhole formation. 


New Depressions in the Ground


If depression develops on the property, it could indicate sinkhole formation. However, it is not necessarily because of sinkhole activity. Other possible causes for a dip in the ground include buried debris from past construction settled for a long time or old tree roots rotting in the ground. If a homeowner observes a newly formed depression in any area of the hose where the land used to be flat, get it checked immediately by a foundation repair in Burleson, Texas professional. Moreover, cracks emerging from the driveway or sidewalks might indicate a sinkhole under the home. 


Any Part of the Structure Dropping Down and Cracking


Another sign indicating the sinkhole formation under the foundation is when one side of a house is lower than the other. Moreover, new cracks can also form in the exterior walls or foundation. While there could be another reason for foundation shifting or cracking, such as expansion and contraction of clay soil, a sinkhole could undermine pier and beam foundation and slab-on-grade, which further causes major structural problems. 


Tilting Outdoor Elements 


Several originally straight outdoor elements, like trees, fence posts, porches, stairs, etc., are now tilting or leaning. It is another warning sign indicating a sinkhole or foundation issue. Moreover, sinking ground due to sinkholes can also expose tree roots that were previously buried for a long. Sometimes, even trees start sinking into the ground, causing severe foundation issues. 


Other Signs of Sinkhole Formation Under a House


In addition to the above-discussed warning signs, many other signs could indicate sinkhole formation under a house. These signs include the following:


  • Water pooling around a house
  • Cracks appearing on the intersection of walls and floors or walls and ceilings
  • Floors bulging, sagging, or appearing warped
  • The trim and molding pulling away
  • An intense, earthy odor in the crawlspace beneath a house
  • Noticing leaky pipes or sudden rise in the water bills, cloudy water, or water debris




Usually, people consider a sinkhole a massive space large enough to suck the building underground. Although this is usually not the case, it can cause minor to major damage to the property. Sinkholes are one of the significant causes of foundation issues. And dealing with the same sooner rather than later is crucial. So, it’s recommended to contact a professional foundation repair in Burleson, Texas service after spotting any warning signs.