If you want to protect your home from water or sewerage backups and lower the costs of your insurance, then have a sewer backup valve installed today by the professionals at Rooter Team.

Water damage to your property can be devastating, to say the least, and when it involves raw sewage, it can leave you with a stinky situation on your hands – literally! When your home falls victim to sewer line backflow, you risk considerable damage to the foundation and structure of your home as well as the belongings inside it. In addition, water contamination will leave your home in a biohazardous state, which means you’ll need to temporarily move out until the issue can be resolved and sanitation is restored.

When you first laid eyes on your home, knowing instantly it was the perfect property for your family, you never envisioned that you would one day be standing knee-high in a basement full of water, watching your precious belongings float by in disbelief that you are the victim of sewer line flooding.

Even more enraging is that you opted out of installing a sewer backup valve, and now you’re kicking yourself as you dial the number of your local plumber.

Don’t Be A Hero – Trust The Professionals.

Considering the upcoming repairs due to unforeseen water damage, you may feel compelled to keep the costs low by installing your backup valve yourself. However, it’s simply not a good idea. The installation is not as straightforward as you may think, so it’s best to use a licensed professional to do the job.

Sewer backup valve installation is no weekend feat, and you could cause more damage when you try to do it yourself. So, instead of being a weekend warrior, trust Rooter Team to have your backup installed correctly to avoid issues down the line that may cause more damage and further repair costs.

How You Can Benefit From A Sewer Backup Valve.

You don’t want to be riddled with anxiety every time your residential area experiences heavy torrential rains or flood warnings, do you? Well, that’s why we suggest sewer backup valves to residents whose properties are prone to flooding.

Take a look at these three advantages of installing a backup valve on your property:

  1. In the event of a disastrous flood, a backup valve will save you the unnecessary costs of emergency plumbing services.
  2. Damage from flooding and sewer backups could leave you with an inhabitable area for weeks or even months, and emergency repairs and plumbing could be far out of your budget. But, a backup valve can save you from the horrendous headache of home repairs and keep your wallet happy too!
  3. Having a sewer backup valve means your property is at a lower risk for a natural disaster such as flooding. As a result, your insurance provider may be able to offer you a more affordable plan, saving you more on your premiums.

Simply put, backup valves can help you save money and protect your property now and in the future.

What To Do When Your Basement Floods With Sewage.

The dreaded nightmare of your home filling up with raw sewage has become a reality, but what do you do now?

Keeping yourself and your family safe is a priority, so keep these tips in mind:

  1. If your basement has filled with sewage, avoid the water as much as possible. Open the windows and keep the rest of the home well ventilated. Hydrogen sulphide, the primary gas found in sewage, is toxic to the oxygen system of the body. Breathing in high amounts of this gas can be harmful to your health.
  2. Contact your local plumber immediately for emergency services.
  3. Disinfect any areas of your home that may have become contaminated with a chlorine bleach solution.
  4. In cases of extreme flooding, consider vacating the property until it has been properly cleaned and sanitized.

Keep your home safe from sudden disasters and install a sewer backup valve. All you need to do is contact the professionals at Rooter Team and request a quote.