Termite baiting is offered for subterranean termites, and it not only helps to lure the problems but also weaves the termites from the roots. However, there are other measures, such as dusting, spraying, etc. This blog will help you understand the superiority of termite baiting over other actions and lead you to determine the right decision. Let’s get started! 

Termite Baiting Vs Dusting And Spraying 

  • If you get termite dusting, it will clear off the termites. The same is applied to the termite spraying. That is why their efficacy doesn’t last for a long time, and soon, they start their deadly impact. But this is not with termite baiting. It kills the termite colonies and weaves them from the root.
  • It is clear from the above point that the longevity cannot be attained with the termite dusting and spraying, which is effectively entailed with the baiting; the risk factors can also be alleviated with the termite baiting. You can learn more from Termite specialists about the efficiency and risk-eliminating facility offered by the termite baiting.  
  • Due to the more frequency of the dusting and spraying, their cost is relatively higher than termite baiting. Initially, you may think they will be money-saving which is a fact, but the quick building of colonies will lead you to get the service in the shorter intervals. Thus, you can feel trapped with the higher costs in the long run because of the draining of money. When you get termite baiting, you can wait for a long time, and once you feel the presence of termites, you can call the professionals.  
  • The spraying and dusting are not technical and can be done by inept hands. But this is not the case with the termite baiting. The professionals are trained and skilled to conduct the process safely by taking all the precautions either for themselves or the surrounding people. 
  • A regular follow-up is taken by the termite baiting specialists every one or two weeks once the treatment gets completed to ensure the colonies are not built anywhere in or around the vicinity. This is certainly not done with the spraying and dusting done for termites.  

The termites are dangerous to the people around the vicinity. Moreover, they can build their colonies very quickly, and if you don’t take the right measure, you may put your and other people’s lives at a significant stake. Learn more from Termite Specialist about the right time to take the treatment and make the right choice for your safety!