It’s always extremely stressful when a homeowner realizes that they need the services of an emergency plumber, but it’s also crucial for homeowners to understand how time is of the essence during plumbing emergencies.

Although there are some rare scenarios in which a DIY plumbing repair can at least temporarily alleviate an emergency situation, you’re going to more than likely require professional help.

Below are some of the most common warning signs that you’re in need of an emergency plumber!

Lingering Smells Throughout Your Home

If you can notice any type of lingering odors emanating throughout your home, then it’s likely connected to a sewer line leak of some kind. It could also be connected to severe clogs or burst pipes, but no matter what, bad odors are never a good sign for a residential plumbing system.

Gas smells are even more alarming, so any strange smells need to be professionally examined as soon as possible!

Water Backups

If water is backing up somewhere within your home, then it’s the type of emergency situation that requires swift action. Water damages can get very serious very quickly, and the results can end up being property damages and even mold development.

Mold remediation can be expensive to resolve, so getting an emergency plumber to your home will help you contain the sewage/water, and reduce risks as much as possible.

Abnormally Slow Drains

Slow drains are often not recognized as a plumbing emergency, but it’s a significant warning sign that homeowners should take seriously. Drains only get slower when a clog is developing, and if neglected, these types of clogs could develop into a blockage.

So, it’s always a good idea to seek professional plumbing assistance when you notice the early warning signs of a sewer drain clog!

Pipe Bursts

This is a common plumbing emergency that occurs during the winter months, and it can quickly result in significant water damages and structural deterioration throughout a home.

When you notice that a pipe has burst, you’ll first need to shut off your entire property’s water supply to reduce the amount of leakage. You’ll then need to call an emergency plumbing provider to have them repair or replace the pipe as necessary.

Frozen Pipes

When pipes freeze, it’s the initial warning sign that they’re about to burst. This is why it’s so important for homeowners to properly insulate their pipes, and to prep their properties prior to going on winter vacations.

Extremely cold temperatures can potentially present all sorts of plumbing issues, and homeowners need to be extra careful to avoid freezing and bursting pipes during the winter months!

No Household Water

Although you could technically purchase bottled water for extended periods of time just to survive without a household water supply, this is the type of scenario that requires an emergency plumber appointment. No water throughout your home signifies a serious plumbing issue somewhere within your system.

You could have an issue with your main water line, or it could be something else altogether. Regardless of what exactly is causing your lack of water, a professional plumber should be at your home within a matter of hours to check things out.

Improperly Flushed Object

A lot of families experience situations in which a child will flush an object down a toilet that isn’t supposed to be flushed, and this common problem will generally result in a plumbing emergency.

It’ll be crucial to get the object out of your pipes as soon as possible, and you’re going to need professional-grade equipment to dislodge the object without potentially damaging your pipes. This is where emergency plumbers can be so useful, because professionals will make this stressful situation much more manageable!

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Whenever a plumbing emergency arises at your home, it’s a serious situation that requires expert assistance. The good news is that every city has a surplus of emergency plumbing providers, so you can always count on your go-to team to be ready for you no matter when your emergency comes up.

You can learn more about emergency plumbing warning signs by going through the link at the top of this article and speaking directly with the emergency plumbers at DG Plumbing!