An air conditioning system can be extremely frustrating, especially in the heat of midsummer. Though air conditioning systems are efficient and relatively trouble-free, they can still experience a variety of mechanical and electrical problems. Homeowners in Northwest Indiana should learn to troubleshoot central HVAC systems before they call an HVAC professional. While some problems may be easily fixed, others require the assistance of a qualified HVAC technician like 32 Degrees Heating & Air.

Electrical and mechanical parts can fail and suffer from wear and tear over time. Frequent turning of the AC unit can reduce its performance or result in a complete breakdown. This is why it is important to get regular maintenance and repair done for optimum performance. The following are some common problems that can occur with air conditioning systems:

A clicking sound may indicate a malfunctioning fan or a faulty motor. If the clicking noise persists, it is time to call an HVAC professional. Ignoring such noises may lead to more serious problems later. Likewise, squealing noises may indicate a belt alignment issue. In addition, dirty coils and filters may also cause this problem. If you are hearing the clicking sound while your AC is running, this may be a sign of a malfunctioning compressor.

A dirty air filter and coil can cause freezing. It can also lead to a blocked drain or a clogged pan. These can lead to a water leak and damage to ductwork and furnishings. In addition to causing water damage, these leaks may cause mold to grow on the walls or ceiling. Fortunately, many of these issues can be resolved by calling a professional AC service center for air conditioning repair.

Leaking ducts or vent blockage are also common problems with air conditioning systems. It may be necessary to move your AC unit to a shady location to avoid heat or cold air buildup. Check your thermostat regularly to make sure the correct setting is being achieved. Finally, make sure there are no leaks of coolant in the system. This could lead to temperature fluctuations. Leaks will vary in cost, and you should schedule a yearly inspection by an AC service technician.

The most common problems with air conditioning systems are clogged ducts. Clogged ducts can lead to ineffective air flow and a higher energy bill. Likewise, a dirty air filter can cause a faulty compressor, which results in reduced airflow and a higher utility bill. This can be a costly mistake if not addressed promptly. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up paying higher utility bills than you need to.

Having water leaking from the indoor unit of your air conditioner indicates overdue maintenance. In some cases, algae and fungus build up in the condensate drain line, causing water to back up and fill the secondary drain pan. A broken condensate pump may also be to blame. If the water is spilling into the air filter, it could mean a broken condensate pan or broken drain line.