Tornadoes hit various parts of the United States now and then. Strong winds can take away everything from cars to chairs at home. People are following some of the safest tips to protect their families and children from tornados. Building a Tornado shelter under stairs is one of the safest ideas for small and large homes. A room under the stairs will surely save the families when the tornadoes hit the town. It gives protection even when the strongest winds blow near the area.

Custom Tornado Shelter and its Benefits

The last year’s figures say that Tornado damaged a large amount of property in the USA. The cities like Texas and other central parts of the country are mainly get affected due to Tornadoes.

A custom tornado shelter is often a preference of residents living in Tornado-prone regions. Many families choose to build a custom Tornado shelter because of many reasons such as:

  •       Safeguards against Tornado

Installing a custom Tornado shelter in the home will surely give protection. This shelter can protect the home even during storms, heavy monsoons, or earthquakes.

  •       Acts as safety room in robbery cases

Homes located in the remotest corner of the city are often easy to access to robbers. Constructing a tornado shelter under stairs acts as a safe room in many robbery cases. The family members can find a place to hide from criminals, thieves, and robbers in dangerous situations.

  •       Extra room for guests

A Tornado shelter can be used for multiple tasks. Homeowners go for such a shelter under stairs to welcome their guests, and relatives and to provide a separate place for old parents. This space can also be used for the treatment of ill patients.

  •       Suits everyone’s needs

Tornado Shelters can be built in any size as per the requirements of the homeowners. They are quick to construct and can be enhanced by adding several facilities. Tornado shelters can be constructed using various materials according to industry standards.

Facilities in Tornado shelters 

Building a Tornado shelter not only serves a safety purpose but also gives a lot of other benefits. These shelters contain a lot of other amenities such as:

Ø  Bright LED lighting

Ø  Electronic door lever

Ø  Deadbolts

Ø  Working desk

Ø  Table lamp and study table

Ø  Refrigerator

These shelters can have everything that a person needs for doing routine tasks. They can be built according to the specifications of every customer.


To get the best protection from storms and tornadoes, people have now begun to construct tornado shelter under stairs for their families. These shelters can be built in any existing pantry or under the staircase. They can also be built in the corner of a patio or garage. Some homeowners keep Tornado shelters as free-standing structures in any room of the home. The choice of building these shelters differs from family to family according to the space available, budget, family size, and the kind of climate in the region.