Most homeowners don’t like receiving their monthly electric bills. Extreme weather conditions can have a significant impact on the final amount. While homeowners are used to these fluctuations, they might not be aware that there is more to electricity costs than they realize.

The amount of your total electricity bill will be affected by peak demand charges. Peak pricing fees are charges that electricity customers pay when there is high demand. These high demand times are typically when families are most active at their homes, such as cooking, washing dishes, or using other appliances before they go to bed for the night. Families often don’t know that their daily home activities can lead to additional charges. There are ways homeowners can avoid these fees. While saving money is a great thing, homeowners should also reduce peak hour usage.

Florida is prone to wildfire danger and high temperatures. Therefore, homeowners should avoid pulling from the grid during peak hours in order to reduce strain on the grid. Public Safety Power Shut Offs can be caused by utility companies such as Duke Energy who are trying to manage load. This is a troubling situation, but homeowners can take steps to reduce the strain on the grid in a variety of ways.

Unplug and Turn Off

It’s always a good idea not to plug anything you don’t use. This is especially important when it comes to peak demand charges. It will pay off long-term if you turn off and unplug appliances and electronic devices that draw power from the grid, such as televisions, stereos, and coffeemakers.

Precool Your House

Early mornings are often the coolest time of the day. They are a great time to cool down your home before the warmer weather sets in. This will give your air conditioner a break in the morning and lower the power required to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Run Appliances After Hours

After peak hour ends, the best time to address energy-intensive needs is at night. Although times may vary by utility provider, it is usually at night. On weekdays, peak demand hours for Duke Energy are at 8:00 p.m. This is usually when the demand is lowest. It will cost less to reorganize your priorities so that you can run the dishwasher in the evening or do laundry.

To Solar

Solar energy is the best solution to reduce peak demand charges and strain on the grid. A solar system can not only generate electricity during the hottest hours of the day but it can also supply electricity at peak times.

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There are many things you can do to lower peak charges. However, solar is the best option. It is simple to go solar. You can do it from your safety home or in the comfort of your own house by requesting an online consultation. To get started, simply complete the form.

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