We all agree a conservatory is a great place to get some sun and look at your garden. But sometimes we want to close off the sunlight and get more shade. You can do this with blinds and curtains in many ways, but are shutters suitable for a conservatory?

Shutters can help you change the look of your home while adding a lot of practical benefits. Conservatories are designed to bring together the inside and outside spaces to give your home a more outdoor feeling.

Conservatory shutters offer privacy while allowing light to enter and offering shade when needed.

The shutters are installed directly onto your conservatory and combine fashion with functional advantages like better insulation.

Plantation-style shutters are still very much in fashion and were the most popular choice of shutters in 2022, and the trend is expected to continue.

The advantages of shutters for a conservatory are:

  • No shape or size is too tricky – made to measure
  • Easy to adjust depending on the sun’s position
  • Avoid fading furniture
  • Keep your privacy
  • Add insulation
  • Save Money
  • Add Value

If you have a conservatory, it should be a place where you can relax and take in the sunlight without being concerned about the British weather.

The problem is that making the most of a conservatory or orangery requires finding the ideal balance of light, warmth, and privacy. All factors that can be challenging to get just right.

The good news is that achieving that harmonious balance is made simple with conservatory shutters. As if that wasn’t enough, the conservatory shutter panels’ svelte and fashionable lines can drastically alter your room’s appearance!

You’ll find it simple to get a more consistent temperature all year round with shutters. Keeping a conservatory cool during the summer is just as challenging as keeping one warm during the colder winter months.

Made to measure

Bespoke-made-to-measure conservatory shutters are precisely that, made to measure. You will have shutters that fit the windows perfectly, with no gaps for drafts, and will look sleek and “designer”.

More Comfort

When you continuously have to shift position to keep the direct sunshine out of your eyes, conservatories might feel pretty impractical. However, with made-to-measure shutters, you have control over the sunlight.

Shutters can come with separate upper and lower parts giving even more control. You can adjust the slant of the louvres to find the perfect balance between sun and shade. Even if you intend to lounge around in your conservatory all day, slightly adjusting the slats will keep glare to an absolute minimum. Shutter controls are lightweight and straightforward to operate as well.

Producing shade is especially helpful if you want to prevent your furniture from fading due to exposure to direct sunshine. You can control where and how much light enters your conservatory.

Improved Privacy

Since a traditional classic conservatory or performance conservatory is almost entirely made of windows, you could feel you’re constantly being gazed at, especially if other houses are close by.

Conservatory shutters eliminate this sensation without sacrificing light.

In contrast to curtains, which can only be opened or closed, shutters can be precisely slanted to ensure that you are not overlooked while still enjoying daylight.

Shutters can save you money.

Premium quality window shutters are “thermally dynamic” They assist you in maintaining a pleasant temperature whether it’s a sweltering summer day or a wintry, dismal December.

This advantage is terrific news for your energy bills since keeping the outside elements out, and you won’t have to worry about turning up the heat or running a fan nonstop.

Shutters for conservatory roofs

A conservatory is typically an unusual room in a house, primarily because of the sloping roof that contributes to its airy appearance.

Naturally, a conservatory roof plays a significant role in maintaining the ideal mix of light, privacy, and warmth. There are shutters for conservatories that you can install on the roof’s interior.

Shutters are available depending on the type of conservatory and the roof’s shape. However, motorised blinds have gained traction in recent years.

Add Value

Conservatory window shutters add design flair with practicality. They enable a conservatory to be used more throughout the year, no matter what season. So they look fantastic and make your conservatory a more functional space, which adds value to a potential purchaser.

What are the disadvantages of conservatory shutters?

Although easy to install and fantastic to use daily, there are a few disadvantages to be aware of.

First of all, they can be a pain to clean. They only need a wipe with a damp cloth and some dishwashing detergent, but you will have to wipe each individual slat, which can take time.

If your conservatory has issues with dampness, shutters can warp and expand, which can cause problems with the slat movement.

Over time wooden conservatory shutters could need refurbishment. Although not tricky with paint or varnish, it is something to consider if you intend to keep them for a long time.


A conservatory is an excellent asset to any home. With house prices increasing at alarming rates, expanding our existing living space is paramount.

If you own a conservatory, the addition of shutters will make the room more user-friendly. They will extend the time you can use your conservatory, making it functional year-round.

Window shutters are not expensive for a custom-made product, and the many benefits easily outweigh the costs of installation.