Best Litter pickers are one of the most underappreciated gardening products on the market! They’re great for picking up all kinds of yard waste and things without having to constantly bend down to the ground. This can make gardening easier for everyone, but especially for those with terrible backs, hips, or general joint problems! All of these advantages, and we haven’t even touched on their primary goal: litter collection! Anyone who wants to help clean up the rubbish in front of their house, on their street, or even further afield at a neighbourhood playground or store. A litter picker is the greatest way to get the job done swiftly and easily!

Dimensions and Mass

The size of your litter picker is probably the first thing you should consider because it will impact how far you can reach with it. The longer the reach, the less time you’ll have to spend picking up trash or clearing your garden! Some are only 60cm long, which means you’ll have to bend to reach the litter on the ground for most people, whilst others are up to 90cm long, giving you an extra 30cm of reach!

Take a look at some of the best litter pickers.

  • Litter Picker MYCreator 32′′
  • KY-Tech Litter Picker
  • 36-Inch Litter Picker by EJG
  • Litterpicker Pro Extra LP1137IB LP1137IB LP1137IB LP1137IB LP1137IB LP11
  • 37-inch KONKY Aluminum Reacher Grabber Tool

Now that you know what qualities to look for when buying a litter picker, let’s look at some of the extra features that will make your life much easier when you use the finest litter picker.

  • Compatible with both left and right-handed people — Some litter pickers will not be acceptable for any lefties who want to use them, which can be extremely frustrating and time consuming. If you’re left-handed, keep an eye out for models that will fit your needs!
  • Comfort grip handle — If you plan on using your litter picker for an extended period of time, seek for one that has a comfortable, ergonomic grip. The majority of these are constructed of rubber or foam. 
  • Models with an extending arm are particularly appealing to us. This allows you to customise the length of your litter picker to fit your needs and height, as well as perhaps expand it even further for those hard-to-reach areas!
  • Lockable jaw — As much as we appreciate models with 360-degree rotating, being able to lock the jaw into one position can be really useful if all of your litter or garden debris is in one location.

If you are thinking of  buying a Litter Picker , you can choose anyone from these. They all have some speciality and all are best in their work.