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One of the most frequented places in your home is your living room.

However, this space can quickly get messy and cluttered. Often, this is a place where you can entertain friends and family, or where you can relax after a long day.

That’s why it needs some extra attention when tidying up. If you feel that your living room needs a good spring cleaning, here are eight easy ideas to keep your living room tidy.

1. Tidy up in the morning

Make it a habit to put away things when you get up. Although this top might be pretty obvious, failing to put away your things is one of the main culprits to untidiness.

Make sure that you move, and place things to where they belong. You can avoid potential disasters that might accumulate throughout the week by starting your day right.

2. Put a wastebasket

A trashcan might affect the overall design of your place. Pick a functional design that will look more cohesive and complement your living room.

Adding a wastebasket to your living room can do wonders. Make sure that you pick the right style so that it easily blends with the aesthetic of your living room. Also, empty your trash can regularly to ensure that your environment at home is always clean.

3. Create minimalist areas

The principle behind minimalism is removing excess things and a lifestyle where you live with less. Creating minimalist spaces in your living room makes it cleaner and more organized.

At Maid Sailors, (austin maid service) we tell our clients that adding minimalist areas in the living room comes with a lot of benefits. You can try clearing out a couple of spaces in your bookshelf and eliminating the extra clutter. Doing so helps you feel a lot happier and less stressed.

4. Utilize hidden storage

Another practical way to tidy up your space is to use hidden storage. Vertical storage works particularly well if you have a smaller space.

Opt for pieces that have ladder shelving and slimline units. Another great option is shelving because it provides you with plenty of storage without taking up a lot of valuable floor space.

Similarly, you can also invest in multifunctional furniture. An ottoman is a great place to start since it provides additional seating for your guests. Not only does it create extra storage for your living room, but you also have a place where you can put your feet up at the end of the day.

5. Keep things off the flat surfaces

Another tip is to ensure that you have a designated spot for everything in your living area. Avoid placing things on flat surfaces like papers, magazines, pens, and other smaller items as it causes a lot of clutter.

Put magazines and newspapers on files or magazine holders. For pens, you should place them on pen holders or mugs. You can also look for other storage solutions that could be decorations or multifunctional, or you can try something creative with DIY projects.

6. Spruce up the couch

Fluff the pillows, and if you have a leather couch, get a damp rag and clean the surface.

Then, grab a handheld vacuum and go over your couch at least once or twice if you have the time. Wash, and dry clean your cushion covers and throw rugs. Ideally, your throw rugs should be cleaned every two weeks in a gentle cycle in cold water.

7. Clean the floors

Floors are one of the dirtiest parts of your living room as it gathers dirt, dust, and grime regularly. Sometimes, things are also spilled, quickly turning into a mess. Sometimes, there are residues left behind if you try to clean them up.

So, make sure that you get a sponge and dip it in warm, soapy water. Run through spots that feel sticky or any visible stains that the vacuum didn’t get quite right.

8. Sweep or vacuum

Grab a vacuum and run it over your rugs. Some crumbs can get on the carpet, and if you have a patterned rug, it’s easy to miss a couple of things. Vacuum often keeps pests away.

Are you opting for a quick clean-up? Start sweeping the bigger stuff away. You can do a more thorough sweeping later on if you’re not pressed for time.

9. Spot clean glass surfaces

Finally, spray a glass cleaner on a rag. Doing so allows you to concentrate on big splatters or grime on glass surfaces.

Just make sure to dust it beforehand so that lint wouldn’t be smeared all over the place.

Over to You

Your living room is a space that can quickly accumulate a lot of junk and often receives the heaviest foot traffic every day. It’s a place where you can spend most of your time bonding with your family.

Hopefully, these tips will transform your living room, keeping it clean and well-organized.