Basement waterproofing contractors can help homeowners if their basement is damaged or needs to be waterproofed. They can offer advice and suggest solutions for your basement problems. You will also find mixed results, just like any other trade or profession. While some people have their interests at heart and others are just looking to make a quick buck after a bad job, there will be many such as these underpinning contractors in Toronto that offer a superb service. Find out 8 reasons if they are a good match before you sign up for any contractor.

1) Insured and Bonded
Contractors with valid licenses from the state or local government are also bonded and insured. They will be held responsible if they fail to complete their work or don’t meet the requirements of local codes because they are bonded. Insurance protects you against lawsuits. If a worker is hurt while working in the basement, it will be your insurer that pays the compensation.

2) Written Quotes
A quote is the first step in any waterproofing or repair project. It’s usually free. After performing an inspection, a good contractor will provide a written estimate that includes details about the problem and breakdown of costs. If you get a quote verbally and don’t spend the time to inspect your basement, it’s likely that you won’t receive the best solution.

3) Valid License
This is an easy one. Licenses are required for basement waterproofing contractors. Why? They are licensed because they have been trained, passed multiple tests and understand the industry. They are qualified to perform any type of basement waterproofing or repair job. Visit their office to verify licensing. They most likely have it placed somewhere customers can see.

4) Track Record
Although we would love to tie this to customer reviews it is significant weight. Basement repairs cost money. Basement repairs can cost several thousand dollars, not just a few hundred. It is important to check the track record of the contractor you are hiring in terms of waterproofing and repairs. Check out the results of past projects and learn about their accomplishments. Do those basements still hold up? This will allow you to determine if the contractor is capable of the job.

5) Permits
Certain projects may require permits before work can begin. Contractors who are licensed should not have any problems applying for permits to repair basements. You could be penalized if you violate local building codes or requirements. Find out if they are able to obtain building permits for you.

6) Project Timelines
Each project has a beginning and ending date. The contractor will also be performing repairs and other maintenance tasks in the interim. The basement waterproofing contractor should give you an accurate timeline and tell you what they will be doing every day. You will be able to budget for labor and know how long it will take.

7) Waterproofing warranty
You should also find out if a potential basement contractor offers a warranty and, if so what it covers. A workmanship warranty covers you for any installation errors and a manufacturer’s warranty covers defects in basement materials. It would be foolish to make someone pay for their mistakes. The contractor must stand behind their work.

8. Customer Reviews
Do your research and find out what customers have to say about the contractor that you have selected. Are they professional? Are they able to do quality repairs? Are they friendly, helpful, and trustworthy? You can see the true personality of the contractor such as Strong Basements by reading online reviews. You can determine if they are trustworthy and reliable based on their feedback.