The quickest way to de-stress yourself is by getting a good night’s sleep. Given the kind of stressful times that we live in today, ensuring you get a sound slumber is one of the most important things to do. Suppose you want to make sure you’re hitting the bed on time. In that case, you need to consider several factors such as dimming off the lights an hour before sleep, keeping your devices away an hour prior, enjoying some warm water and even putting on soothing music or doing meditation.

While these factors play a crucial factor in getting the much-needed sleep, your bed and pillow also play an equal role. Having a good quality mattress and the right kind of pillow to support your back, spine and neck is something that you cannot be lenient with.

A good quality pillow isn’t something that you should compromise with and cotton pillow covers help with your slumber even more efficiently. Cotton is a widely chosen fabric for pillows and pillow covers because they are soft, durable and skin-friendly too.

If you want to make a switch to cotton pillow covers, let us tell you a couple more reasons why it is the best idea.

  1. Naturally absorbent: It gets sweaty during the summers and if you are prone to sweating more often, having cotton pillow covers is a wise choice because the fabric is naturally absorbent. The best part about cotton is that it can absorb way more water before it starts to feel damp, which also helps it in remaining cool. Cotton being a breathable fabric is enough of a reason to make your choice.
  2. All natural: If you have sensitive skin and are prone to skin allergies from synthetic fabrics, cotton is a reliable choice. Cotton rarely contains allergens, which is the best alternative for people suffering from allergies.
  3. Sleep comfortably: When you wear cotton, you feel the utmost comfort because the fabric is light in weight and breathable. Having cotton pillow covers is a blessing because during the summers it will keep you cool while in winter it will keep you insulated. The dual role played by cotton here is why you should make the switch right away.
  4. Odour-free: A lot of pillows get odour trapped in them after a first few use, but that’s not the case with a cotton pillow cover. Cotton is a natural fabric and hence won’t bother you with any odour.
  5. Easy to clean: A cotton pillow cover is much easier to clean as compared to any other fabric. You can either wash them with your hands or in the washing machine and it also dries pretty quickly, all set for use.

Cotton pillow covers are beneficial in a number of ways and once you start using them, there’s no going back. If you want to think long-term, stick to a cotton pillow cover, which will ensure not only good sleep but is also low on maintenance, which is something that you’d want to consider.